Five Books I Would Rewrite

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This week’s topic was difficult, but interesting! I am no writer so I would never claim that I could do better than an author. These are just some books that I thought had a lot of potential and I could have loved with a few changes.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

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There was a lot that I loved about Everything, Everything! I adored the main character and thought that the romance was sweet. It is the ended that I had a problem with- it was predictable and something about it didn’t sit right with me. I actually thought it cheapened an otherwise wonderful story! I would have done something completely different with the ending.

The Girls by Emma Cline


There was a lot about The Girls that had potential, but I think it could have been improved by being told from a different perspective. The main character is not fully involved in the cult so it always feels like the reader is being kept at a distance. There were a lot of interesting cult members who would made for more compelling main characters!

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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Taylor Jenkins Reid has written some of my favourite novels, but sadly One True Loves was not my favourite. I loved the premise but I thought some things needed to be more fleshed out. The main conflict was resolved too quickly and I just didn’t buy it. This is one of those books that could have used a few more pages! Also, I like a well-written love triangle but felt this one was too one-sided.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

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There is no denying that Celeste Ng is an incredible author, and I am so excited to see the TV series adaptation. I enjoyed Little Fires Everywhere but I thought there were too many characters and there were certain storylines that I liked more than others. I want to know more about Mia and her backstory! There were also some motives that didn’t quite make sense to me.

The River by Peter Heller

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The River was very fast-paced and had me at the edge of my seat, I just wanted more of the man vs. nature and less of the man vs. man plot-lines. It is evident that The River is passionate about nature and he is an incredible nature writer so I was looking for more of that in the book.


21 thoughts on “Five Books I Would Rewrite

  1. I completely agree with Everything Everything. The ending was incredibly predictable and i did not like the way it was executed.

  2. I felt the same way about the ending of Everything Everything…..I would have thrown the book across the room….except I was reading on my kindle. I felt totally punked by the author and I didn’t like it!

  3. I felt the same with One True Loves which is why it made my cut. I just felt it was too heavy for Sam and Jesse never really got a chance at all…I am 100% team Jesse though mainly because of that tbh.

  4. wow please rewrite Everything, Everything and The Girls!!! both of them could have been wayyyy better than they were. great choices!

  5. I haven’t read any of the books you’ve mentioned, Kristin and although I know when parts of a story don’t feel right, I feel the same as you, being a writer is a tough job that I don’t think I could do. 🙂 I wimped out of talking about specific books this week and did something different with my T5T. 😉
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Kristin. Here’s my Top 5 Tuesday Post
    Flora x

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