My Favourite Bookstagrammers (Part One)

I have been spending more and more time on Bookstagram lately and I feel like I am finally starting to get a handle on things. Here is my account- let’s be friends! There are so many talented and friendly people on the platform, so I thought it might be fun to start a new series where I take some time to highlight some of my favourites.

Pamela @ reveriesociety_

Pamela is a fellow book blogger, so it is always fun to be able to connect with people in both ways! There is a dreamy quality to her photos that I just love. You can tell that she puts a lot of thought and time into each and every post. I love how she incorporates twinkle lights into her photos and I am inspired to try that for myself!

Kaylee @ literarypengwyns

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I was tagged by @minimalistbookshelf and @once_upon_a_library_ for the #tenthingsilove challenge, so here it goes! 10 non-bookish things about me! I tag whomever wants to participate! . I’m obsessed with England and the UK! I’m a proud Anglophile and if I could move there I would IN AN INSTANT. . I mentioned this in my stories the other day, but I’m a human GPS and I attribute that to my fear of being lost and the fact that I was obsessed with maps and atlases as a kid! I’m fact, I still am. My maps app is one of my favorites and most used (not for directions, but for couch exploring). . I love to bake, but don’t really do it much anymore. I mastered the art of macronage and can make macarons, but once you figure that out, you almost never want to make them again 😂 . I’m scared of the dark, but love the night sky. But legit, I’m terrified of the dark. . My dad died from cancer last year at the age of 58…which is what pushed me into doing bookstagram. It was/is my grief therapy and why I love this community so much! . Halloween is my favorite holiday and my daughter is already obsessed and it makes me proud! . I used to cross-stitch a ton! It was my favorite thing to do while watching shows and listening to audiobooks, but booksta has taken all my extra cross-stitching time! . I love flying! If someone told me they bought me a ticket to a random airport in the middle of nowhere, I’d still be excited because I love being in the air! . I really dislike living in Florida, but love being right next to Disney! . I love music and am always looking for something new to listen to, so share your recs with me!

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Kaylee is one of the kindest and most involved people on the platform. You can tell that she just really loves books and is out to meet like-minded people. She is also one of the hosts of the happypengwyn bookclub- if you hear me talking about doing a buddy read it is usually because of her and her cohost Rachel @happygolovelysleeves, who I will talk about in part two of this series! The book discussions that we have throughout the month might be my favourite part of being on Bookstagram. Kaylee also posts some of my favourite book reviews!

April @ booksandapril

There is something about April’s account that brings a smile to my face and makes me think that we would be great friends. I think we have a lot in common! I have loved a lot of the books that she talks about and I enjoy reading her reviews. I also just found out that she is a fan of the TV show Reign- which is one of my favourites!

Lizzy @ reviewsshewrote

I love that in her bio Lizzy describes herself as a book addicted smart ass- I think a lot of us can relate to that! Lizzy’s account is stunning- her photos are always clear and high quality, but there is also a coziness to her posts. I love that she incorporates a lot of areas of her home to use as different backgrounds. Her photos are starting to have a Christmasy vibe and that just makes me so happy!

Alex @ illiterate_cats

Anyone who loves cats as much as Alex does is instantly someone I want to be friends with! We have had a few conversations over the last few months and she is very friendly and we have a lot in common. I love that her cats often make an appearance in her photos and that she is also a big audiobook listener. She has given me some great inspiration on how to start incorporating photos of my audiobooks into my own feed!


That is it for now! There are so many Bookstagrammers whom I adore so I have a feeling that this series has no end date in sight. If you have a bookstagram account please leave a link in the comments. I would love to check it out!


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  1. I really need to start using my Bookstagram again. I’m hoping to sometime in the next couple of weeks. I meant to back at the start of October but then never did between falling ill and then losing internet access. Now I just want to catch up slightly on books and my tags and then I really want to start using again. Hopefully without getting too distracted by it. I used to lose time on there looking at books 😅

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