Five Authors I Need to Read ASAP

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Does anyone else have those authors whose work you know you are going to love, but for whatever reason you just never pick up? I have so many that it was difficult to narrow it down to only five!

Francesca Zappia

Francesca Zappia seems to write the kind of hard-hitting YA that I absolutely love. Eliza and her Monsters was extremely popular when it was first published, but I just never got around to it. Now Entering Addamsville is her latest release and, while it does not seem to be getting the same hype, I am intrigued by it. Made You Up has also been on my TBR for years! I just need to pick up one of her books already!

Ruta Sepetys

Salt to the Sea is one of those books that I just know I am going to love. It has been on my shelves for a couple years now, and I have no excuses as to why I haven’t picked it up yet. Ruta Sepetys’s latest release, The Fountain of Silence, has been getting rave reviews! I have realized that I have not read a love of YA historical fiction, which is ridiculous because it is my favourite genre. Is it just not as popular?

Meg Wolitzer

Meg Wolitzer has a pretty extensive backlist, but these are the three books of hers that I am most interested in reading. I saw the movie adaptation of The Wife and thought it was wonderful. I am a sucker for books about books or the literary world! I have have The Interestings on my shelf for awhile now, though admittedly I do not know much about it. The Female Persuasion is the one that I seem to hear the most about! I am usually drawn to literary fiction, so it surprises me that I haven’t read anything by her yet.

Octavia E. Butler

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It is sinful that I have never read anything by Octavia E. Butler, especially as a self-proclaimed SciFi fan. I have had Kindred on my TBR for ages and I have only heard incredible things about it. In fact, all of her novels have high ratings on Goodreads. I did not realize just how many books she had written! I think I am going to start with Kindred, but would love any advice you have on where to go from there.

Barbara Kingslover

I remember when The Poisonwood Bible was all the rage! I would have been sixteen when it came out and I guess it just wasn’t something I was drawn to back then. Fast forward fifteen years and it sounds exactly like the kind of novel I would love. Her latest release, Unsheltered, is one I meant to read last year but just never got around to. Kingslover seems to write a mix between historical fiction and literary fiction- my favourite combo! I am hoping to fall in love with her work and eventually make my way through her backlist.


Have you read books by any of these authors? Where should I start? Who is the one author you would most like to read?kkbLogo

59 thoughts on “Five Authors I Need to Read ASAP

  1. I’ll be honest: I don’t care for Octavia Butler. I read Kindred and it was all right, but I wasn’t overly impressed. Then I read two thirds of the Passenger series before giving up. Just wasn’t for me.

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  2. I discovered Ruta Sepetys months ago through Salt to the Sea and it was insta love! I also adored The Fountains of Silence so I’d say choose one of these.

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  3. Francesca Zappia is amazing. I read Eliza and loved it. Read welcome to addamsville and that was pretty good, just not as good as Eliza in my opinion.

    Ruta Sepetys is a must read. I absolutely fell in love with salt to the sea when I read it and am currently reading fountains of silence and adoring it.

    Both of these authors are amazing at their craft and make the reading of their books super effortless! I hope you pick these two authors up soon and love them as much as I do!!

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  4. Sepetys is a cross over author and I never think I’m reading YA when I’m reading her books (out of the Easy seems the most YA out of all the titles). I hope you enjoy well researched and well written Sepetys books!

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  5. Ruta Sepetys’ books are the ones I would most like to read as well. I do actually have Salt to the Sea on my shelves but I’ve not been in the mood to read that kind of book at the moment.

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  6. Great list! Ruta Supetys is one author I also really need to get to & actually own a few books by this author *for shame* lol. I read Eliza and Her Monsters last year & LOVED it, would love to read another book by this author. Happy reading! 🙂

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  7. Ruta Sepetys is one of my all-time favorite authors – Between Shades of Gray is my favorite- and I can’t recommend Eliza and Her Monsters and Made You Up enough! I still have to read Now Entering Adamsville,

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  8. You just NEEEEED to read «The Fountains of Silence», it was my first Ruta Sepetys book and it’s probably one of the best books I’ve ever read… ❤
    I also bought her other books – Salt to the Sea and Between Shades of Gray, and hope to read them very soon.

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  9. Great post!

    I haven’t read any Meg Wolitzer books yet either. Every time I’m at the bookstore I always see her books too. I definitely hope to read some books of hers in the new year. The Interestings sounds like a good read. I remember a few years ago the book was adapted for one of those Amazon Prime pilots, where audiences would choose what pilot they liked best to become a series. I didn’t watch it, but I remember it had a really great cast. It didn’t get picked up as a series, but it would have still been cool to see.

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