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I listen to so many book-related podcasts, but I feel like I never get the chance to talk about them. So, that is what I am doing today! These are a few of my favourite podcasts that talk about everything from book news to book reviews. I am always on the hunt for more bookish podcast, so please leave any recommendations in the comments.

Any Book Riot Podcast


I love Book Riot, and they have so many amazing bookish podcasts. I truly listen to them all. Here is a link to a list of the podcasts if you are interested. I think my favourites are probably The Main Podcast, because it focuses on book news and literary happenings around the world, and All the Books just because I adore Liberty and it is a great way to see what new releases are coming out every week. There For Reals podcast is also fantastic for all of you nonfiction lovers!

The Librarian is In

The Librarian Is In Podcast

This is a New York Public Library podcast and the main reason I love it is because of the hosts, Frank and Gwen. They are both NYPL librarians and I love their dynamic. They have great banter and you can tell they really are friends outside of work. They also read a wide range of interesting books and I always love hearing their insights. You really never know where the episode is going to go.

What Should I Read Next?

What Should I Read Next

What Should I Read Next? is a hosted by Anne Bogel, who you may know from her blog The Modern Mr.Darcy, or from her books. She has such a great voice and she is great at what she does. Every week she has a guest on her show who talks about their reading life as well as three books they love and one book they hate. Based on all of this information, Anne gives them some book recommendations. It is so fun, and I look forward to it every week.

By the Book

By the Book is such a fun idea, and it is another case where I love the two hosts and their relationship. It is obvious that Jolenta and Kristen are true friends. I guess you could say that By the Book is kind of a social experiment- the hosts live by the rules of a self-help book for two weeks, and then share their experience. They are also so open and honest about their lives, and they even include audio clips that can often be deeply personal. I am not someone who enjoys self-help, but I enjoy the heck out of this podcast.

He Read She Read

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The hosts of He Read She Read are Curtis and Chelsea, and they are a married couple. It is interesting to see how different their reading tastes and habits are. They are also very open about their lives. They have started doing buddy reads once a month and it is fun to see both of their opinions on the same book. I loved hearing them rave about The Song of Achilles!

Shipping & Handling

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This podcast is a bit more niche, and I think will probably appeal more to writers or those of us who are interested in publishing. Bridget and Jennifer are literary agents and share a lot of their insider knowledge with listeners. As someone who is currently enrolled in a Publishing program, this fascinates me. They all just have great personalities and record the podcast over a glass of wine, which is always a good time. I always finish their podcasts having learned something new.

34 thoughts on “Favourite Bookish Podcasts

  1. I have always wondered if there were good book podcast out there and I’m so excited to check some of these out. Thank you for this post! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  2. I’ve been listening to the podcast 88 Cups of Tea which is a lady interviewing different authors and occasionally literary agents and others in the field and asking them different types of questions relating to their genre. It’s great if you’re into writing yourself! I really enjoyed Ruta Sepetys’ episode about writing historical fiction, and R.F. Kuang’s as well – it made both of their books come to the front of the TBR for me!

  3. I’ve just started listening to podcasts last December but I still haven’t checked out any book-related ones. Those on the list seems like really nice to listen to though and I’d want to check it out!

  4. I just wrote about bookish podcasts too. I really like What Should I Read Next. I also like Sword and Laser and Literary Disco. Librarian and He Read She Read sound interesting!

  5. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. I have been looking for more book podcasts, but finding podcasts is so difficult on my app which has basically zero searching capability. I will be adding ALL of these. (P.S. I also love Liberty. She is the bomb.com)

  6. Ooo! I’m always looking for more bookish podcasts! One of my favorites that didn’t make the list is Overdue. I’m not sure if you listen to it. The two hosts take turns reading a book each week and all are backlist titles that they discuss. It’s great.

  7. This is an awesome list! I listen to SO many book podcasts, but I think I’ve added a few more to my list thanks to you 😉 And you’re right that BookRiot’s podcasts are all amazing. I look forward to All the Books every week!

  8. I’m glad you posted this. I could use some podcasts in my life. I’ve tried to find some good book-related ones in the past, but I can never figure out where people find these things.

  9. What Should I Read Next is totally addictive! My favorite bookish podcast is one called Overdue, where these two guys (Andrew and Craig) switch off reading a book every week and then they talk about the author, plot, themes, and just about the book in general. They’re hilarious and I highly recommend it!

  10. These podcast references are so excellent, Kristin! I absolutely love Book Riot’s Hey YA – I haven’t listened to enough! And I’m taking the recommendation for Shipping & Handling, that sounds excellent!

  11. I don’t listen to podcasts at all (really); maybe it’s time to start. Which would you recommend starting with? Also if you have links/recs re setting up your own, let me know. I work in media and have been interested in doing something book-related on radio but maybe it makes sense to take a DIY approach but as this area is relatively new to me it might be good to get some tips on what’s needed, and of course listen to as many as I can for best practices.

    1. I would start with any of the book riot ones. There are quite a few so you’re bound to find one that resonates with you. I have considered podcasting myself but haven’t looked in to it much. I’d be curious to see what you find. I think listening to a few is a good place to start. That way you get a feel for the platform.

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