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Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. I missed last week’s T5T but I have talked about tropes that I love in that passed so here is a link to that if you are curious. I always love getting the chance to rant a little so I am excited to talk about a few tropes that I am so tired of seeing in books! Of course, I do not like the tropes many of us are tired of, like love triangles and insta-love, but I left them off this list.

The “Not Like Other Girls” Trope

This is probably my least favourite trope. I despise when a character describes herself or is told she is “not like other girls.” What is wrong with other girls? This trope often implies that girls who love fashion or makeup are shallow. It also pits women against each other!

The “Let Out a Breathe I Didn’t Know I Was Holding” Trope

I have a feeling that every author is in on this and they purposely include this line in their books because they know it irritates us! Amazing authors who I absolutely adore include this in their books. It always makes me roll my eyes.

The “She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful” Trope

I wish more female characters embraced their beauty. Why can’t a character be beautiful and know it? I wouldn’t mind reading about more characters like Veronica, but maybe just a little bit more humble.

The “Villain With No Motives” Trope

There is nothing that can take me out of a story more than reading about a villain who has no clear motives. People are not evil for no reason. I like to know why a character acts a certain way.

The “Everything is Better Because I Found Love” Trope

I have read a few books where this happens and it really makes me angry. Love does not fix everything. I think that is a dangerous message to spread.

51 thoughts on “Books Tropes I am Tired of Seeing

  1. Hmm, I didn’t know I disliked the “She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful” trope until now. Especially when usually a guy says that to the girl and the girl will immediately fall in love *rolls eyes*
    Great post as always, Kristin 🙂

  2. Crap. I think I wrote “Let Out a Breathe I Didn’t Know I Was Holding” in my current WIP… Think about it though! It really happens! LOL

    Great list!

  3. This is a great list — and I totally agree that the “she doesn’t know she’s beautiful” trope is especially annoying, because usually its used to describe these female characters as these wilting wallflowers.

  4. Awesome list, Kristin! <3 I agree with all of these–especially that last one. I think I find the trope most often in romance, particularly ones that explore mental health issues. The "I can love your depression away" mindset is just so harmful and angering.

  5. Love magically curing things is a trope i just can’t stand. :/
    The “not like other girls” thing… eh. Nobody is like other people, so it’s kind of obvious, but the way they use it, to say other girls/guys suck as a whole is annoying too.

  6. I agree with all of these! Especially the didn’t know she was beautiful trope when they start out thinking they’re really plain but everybody falls for them….. Can they just know they’re pretty or actually not and he liked anyway? It’s a horrible halfway house

  7. So many books show that everything is better with love trope. I’m sick of looking for books where characters are happy being single and don’t need to date or be in a relationship

  8. I could not agree more with you on every single one of these exhausted tropes. I especially can’t tolerate the not like other girls trope. There’s nothing wrong with other girls, so what is the point of pitting women against each other.

  9. I totally agree with your trope-hates! Villains need to have motives and depth. There are some villains I legitimately love because of how complicated they are.

  10. Love your post! It is very apt for me because Australia is introducing an Australian Women’s Day and one of the things I believe in is that we must stick together. Men have mateship, women should have sistership.

  11. hahaha omg all of these are so real. why is the “let out a breath i didn’t know i was holding” one so real?? it’s not a good line in the first place, authors! why the fixation? the villain with no motives one is so accurate, too, but the one i have the biggest issue with will always be the not like other girls trope. my trope enemy. great list!

  12. “She doesn’t just sit home and knit.” Okay, well, while you’re out with your sword, whose making your clothes for you?

    The first picture reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara, she loves fashion and business. But I hope we see more heroines like Sansa Stark. 🙂

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