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Favourite Blog Post of the Month (1)

This is my monthly meme! It is very easy to participate. All you have to do is share all of your favourite blog posts of the month! I think this is a great way to spread the love and also discover new bloggers!

Amanda @ Cover2CoverMom asks the questions how do you organize your bookshelves? She talks about 8 different ways to arrange your books and I found it to be very helpful.  My books have little to no organization so I was inspired!

The Cozied Reader wrote a post with suggested about what to read but it was a 90’s throwback edition! She created an amazing graphic for it that I thought was really fun.  It was so nostalgic for me to read through the books she talked about.  There were a few I even forgot that I had read!

Hamad @ The Book Perscription created a simply guide to Edelweiss.  I know that I have found the website very confusing and many people will find this really helpful.  Hamad lays everything out in a way that is easy to understand and you can tell they put a lot of thought and effort in to this post.

Dee Reads Things shares some of her favourite fae books and fae books on her TBR! I thought that this was great because so many people love fae, and it not something I read a lot of so it was nice to get some recommendations!

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Ashleigh @ A Frolic Through Fiction talks about something that I think it very important and that is how to gain and maintain self-condolence when you are posting on the internet.  She is a booktuber and she shares some of her struggles as well as amazing advice.  It was such a relatable post to read and something I think a lot of us need to hear from time to time.


Caro @ The Book Chesire Cat


I hope that you enjoyed these posts! I would love to know what your favourite blog posts of the month were. If you are participating in this meme do not forget to ping me so I can add a link to this post!


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