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What's OnMy Bookshelf

Katie @ Never Not Reading me tagged to do the What’s On My Bookshelf Tag and I am so happy that she did! I love an excuse to stare at my bookshelves!


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A Library Book

Image result for in conclusion don't worry about it

I currently have no library books but I usually borrow audiobooks from my library via the Libby app! The most recent audiobook I listened to through my library was In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It by Lauren Graham and I thought it was fun to listen to. It adore Lauren Graham and her voice. This book is a commencement speech she gave and I thought it was inspirational without being cheesy or over the top.

A Book You Got as a Gift

Image result for Tiffany & Co / Vintage Books the great gatsby

My birthday was on June 1st and I received so many amazing books! I actually posted a birthday book haul in case you are interested.

My dad tends to buy me beautiful classic editions, and this edition of The Great Gatsby is probably my favourite. I will take any chance I get to show it off!

A Childhood Book

Image result for charlottes web book

Charlotte’s Web is one of the books that I read as a child that has stuck with me all of these later. I adored the story then and I adore it now! This might be the book that really ignited my love of all animals. Just thinking about the book and the movie can bring a tear to my eye.

A Magical Book


I had to go with Rules of Magic because magic is right there in the title, and it is also one of my favourite books about witches. It was very atmospheric and I loved that it focuses on sibling relationships. There is so much imagery and you really feel immersed in the world.

A Romantic Book


I do not read a lot of romance so this is an interesting book to choose. It is more about an almost romance. Tin Man is about the friendship between Ellis and Michael and the moments when they were almost more. It is really beautiful and bittersweet. It continues to be a book that I think about and will most likely be on my favourite list at the end of the year.

A Steamy Book


I rarely read steamy books but I did think The Wedding Date was adorable and plenty steamy! I thought that the relationship was very authentic and their insecurities were relatable. I will warn you though, if you hate conflicts that could have been solved simply through communication than I would skip this one! As for the steamy scenes, I found them to be respectful and there is a focus on safe sex which is nice to see!

An Old Book

Image result for diary of a young girl

A lot of my older books are packed away in boxes or not on my shelves. The book that I have had the longest and a cherished book in my collection is The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. I was the same age as Anne when I first read the book and it really had a profound affect on me.

A Book that Makes You Happy and/or Laugh

Image result for eleanor oliphant is completely fine book

While Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine has some heartbreaking moments, there were so many times where I laugh out loud, and that is very rare for me to find in a book. Eleanor is such a charming character and reading from her perspective was just plain hilarious at times. I absolutely adore her!

A Book that Makes You Emotional


There are so many books that make me emotional, but whenever I see a question like this the first book that pops in to my head is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. It completely ripped my heart out the first time that I read it and I refuse to watch the movie because I am not sure my heart can take it.

A Book Whose Ending You Dislike


To be honest, I disliked the majority of The Light We Lost, but the ending really made me angry. I found it to be predictable and emotionally manipulative. I do not think I was feeling the emotions that the author intended me to feel. I found it to be quite cliché!

A Book You Wish Had Illustrations

Image result for carry on rainbow rowell illustrator

While I have some mixed feelings about Carry On, how gorgeous would it be if the entire book was illustrated Kevin Wada who illustrated the cover. The book would be so beautiful and I actually think it would have helped me connect more to the story.

A Book or Genre You Love Reading When It’s Raining


I love reading really atmospheric books when it is raining! I really wish I had saved The Burial Rites to read during a thunderstorm. The book is dreary and cold but also really beautiful. I read it in one sitting, and it would have been so wonderful to have done that sitting beside a fireplace during a storm.


28 thoughts on “What’s On My Bookshelf Tag

  1. This is an awesome idea for a way to get people involved! Plus it is cool to get an inside look at the things people read, but don’t necessarily post about. 😊

  2. oooh i wish carry on had illustrations, too! and all of the light we lost was bad for me but the worst bit by FAR was the ending. i still get mad when i think about it. beautiful copy of gatsby – & great post! 😀

  3. I really want to read Burial Rites and I love reading when is rainy and dreary! I’m reading Force of Nature by Jane Harper right now and it’s super dreary so it’s also fun to read like that. Enjoyed your post!

  4. You have some wonderful books on your shelf! And I completely agree with you about Carry On. I loved the book for the most part, although I thought the actual plot was a bit of a mess. But with some added illustrations, the book would be ten times more amazing! Kevin Wada is such a talented artist!

  5. Charlottes’s Web if the first book I remember being completely hooked on. I think it was the beginning of my love of books. I also really want to read Tin Man, I have heard so many great reviews.

  6. I love seeing Charlotte’s Web on here! Such a great childhood book 😊

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