TTT- Characters I Liked in Books I Disliked

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There are very few books that I read where there are no characters that I like. Even if I hate a book usually there is at least one character that I find that has some redeemable qualities. I really love that this topic has given me an excuse to talk about them!

Olly- Everything, Everything

Image result for olly everything everything

Many of you probably already know how I feel about Everything, Everything! The ending was so disappointing to me and I had a lot of problems with it! That said I really did enjoy the romance. I thought Olly was super sweet and little bit edgy. I think reading the emails between Olly and Madeline was my favourite part.

Puck- The Scorpio Races

Image result for puck the scorpio races

I know that this will surprise a lot of people, but I did not love The Scorpio Races. I can not put my finger on it but there is something about Maggie Stiefvater’s writing that I just do not connect with. That said, I really did like Puck! She was badass but also really human.

Suzanne- The Girls

Image result for suzanne the girls emma cline

I have said this before, but I wish that The Girls followed Suzanne’s story as opposed to Evie! Evie was on the outside of the cult so I was never quite satisfied. We end up missing a lot of the action simply because Evie is not present for it! I am fascinated by Suzanne and drawn to her. I would love to know her story.

Gigi- Tiny Pretty Things

Image result for gigi tiny pretty things

I really enjoyed Tiny Pretty Things at first but after awhile the drama and cattiness got to be too much! I really did enjoy reading the chapters that followed Gigi. She appeared to be the most levelheaded. Even though she does get mixed up in all of the drama, at the end of the day I thought she was pretty awesome.

Bridget Jones- Bridget Jones’s Diaries

Image result for bridget jones

Bridget Jones’s Diaries is one of those rare cases where I love the movie but really disliked the book! It might be because I saw the movie first! I adore Bridget Jones! As I get older I only relate to her even more. I think a lot of us can see a little bit of ourselves in her.

Agnieszka- Uprooted

Image result for agnieszka uprooted

I really wish that I loved Uprooted, but I could not get in to it! I disliked all of the characters, but the main character (Agnieszka) I did really enjoy. She was interesting to read about and I was invested in her story. I just wish she didn’t have a romance with Dragon- who I hated!

Magnus Banes- The City of Bones

Image result for magnus bane

Cassandra Clare’s books are not for me! I have read the first three books in The Mortal Instruments series and that was enough for me. I love Magnus Bane though! His sense of humour is fantastic and I was constantly waiting for him to show up. Sarcastic characters always manage to win me over.

Baz- Carry On

Image result for baz carry on

It is not that I didn’t like Carry On, it is just that it is so much like Harry Potter that I found it distracting! I adore Baz though! Baz has so many great moments that always put a smile on my face. He seems to be everyone’s favourite character and I completely understand why!

Carrie- The Carrie Diaries

Related image

I didn’t dislike The Carrie Diaries I just didn’t think it was anything special! I actually did enjoy the TV show though! It is the weirdest thing- I do not like Carrie from Sex in the City (in the book and the TV show) but I love her in The Carrie Diaries. I think I just liked how innocent and naive she was when she first moved to New York. It was fun to see her try and navigate the big city!

Noah- The Notebook

Image result for noah the notebook

This is so cliché but I adore the movie The Notebook! Of course I thought I would enjoy the book just as much but I couldn’t get in to it. I was shocked by how boring I found it! Nicholas Sparks books are my guilty pleasure but The Notebook is my least favourite! How could I not love Noah though? He is so romantic and adorable and angsty!


This was such a fun topic! What do you think about all of these characters?


45 thoughts on “TTT- Characters I Liked in Books I Disliked

  1. What a great topic! I enjoy character driven stories, so even if a book isn’t working for me, I can sometimes get through it if I really like the characters. I’ve not been reading a whole ton lately, so a particular book where this happened recently isn’t coming to mind. But i know it has happened a lot!

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  2. Great list! Olly is on mine too! Haha. Ok so I am the same; I loveeeeeed the Notebook (movie) but when I went to read the book, it just wasn’t the same. I’ve wanted to reread it because apparently there is a sequel called The Wedding (according to Goodreads), I just haven’t gotten to it.

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  3. I only read the Bridget Jones book from your list, but she’s a cool character indeed!
    I was around 16 when i read it first, and didn’t have many things in common with her then, but i still liked it a lot.

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  4. Oh great choices 🙂 I really liked Olly in Everything, Everything as well. I really want to read Tiny Pretty Things, I’m sorry you didn’t love the book so much, but I’m eager to meet Gigi now, she sounds like a great character 🙂

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  5. Hello Kristin!
    I absolutely adore Baz as well! And although the ending of Everything Everything is problematic, I also enjoyed the chemistry between Maddy and Olly.
    Great post and have a happy April 🙂

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