Celebrities Who Would Make Great Fictional Characters

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I was tagged by the fabulous Aria @ Snow Whites Hates Apples (HOW CUTE IS THAT BLOG NAME!?) to do the the Listicle Tag! I love the prompt that she gave to list real life celebrities who would make great fictional characters (a.k.a. who would you cast as the actor/actress for so and so character?) I had so much fun trying to come up with these answers!

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Monty- A young Jude Law

Image result for jude law young

Okay I recognize that Jude Law is now too old to play Monty, but this is my pretend cast so in this scenario Jude Law is age appropriate! While I was reading this book I couldn’t help but picture Jude Law. I think it is because he is British and has that charming but goofy thing going on that Monty has.

Percy- Jordan Fisher

Image result for jordan fisher

Fisher is a Broadway actor who starred in Hamilton, so he already has experience performing in a historical piece! He is also gorgeous and looks like someone that Monty would be head over heels in love with!

Felicity- Maisie Williams

Image result for maisie williams 2017

I do not know why I see Maisie playing Felicity, but I think she would be a perfect fit. There is just something about her that makes me think she shares some of the same qualities as Felicity!

A Darker Shade of Magic

Kell- Eddie Redmayne

Image result for eddie redmayne red hair

For some reason Eddie was the first person who popped in to my head to play Kell, and now I can not think of anyone else! I mean this picture just screams Kell to me!

Delilah Bard- Lily Collins

Image result for actresses with short black hair

I struggled to think of someone who I think would make a great Lila, but I finally settled on Lily Collins. I think she a a good actress and she would do this part justice!

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Fictional characters that you wish were real people!


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  1. Thanks so much for doing this!!! And omg, now I can’t picture of all those characters in any other way but the actors/actresses you’ve chosen! They’re PERFECT 😍

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