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Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme that was created over at The Broke and the Bookish! This weeks topic was tricky! For some reason I can not think of a lot of food that is talked about in books! So this has turned in to a Top Five Tuesday! I can not wait to see everyone else’s lists! I have a feeling they will make me hungry…

Harry Potter- ALL OF THE FOOD

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I know this is going to me on everyone’s list but for good reason! The food in Harry Potter sounds so delicious and magical and I just want to eat everything! I need to go to Universal or maybe I should try making some of this stuff at home! I have seen a lot of recipes for butter beer!

Narnia- Turkish Delight

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There is a lot of food mentioned in The Chronicles of Narnia but whenever I hear someone mention ‘Turkish delights’ I can’t help but think of these series! I have found a lot of recipes for these as well.  Maybe I should have a party and just cook all these book inspired foods!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before- All of Lara Jean’s Baking

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I want to be best friends with Lara Jean.  Not only is she really sweet but she bakes delicious goodies as well! I would totally volunteer to be her taste tester! I make a variety of Christmas cookies very year as well, and I just relate to her so much.  Stories for Coffee actually made a post talking about Lara Jean’s baking- she even made snickerdoodle cookies! Please someone make a Lara Jean cookbook!

The Night Circus- Carnival Foods

There is just something about the dreamy atmosphere of the Night Circus that makes me want to try all of the amazing carnival food! I bet it would be even more delicious than anything I would get at a carnival here in Canada! I found a cool website called Book Menu and it lists all the food mentioned in the book. The photo is food that Delicious Reads made for a Night Circus themed book club event! How cool is that??

The Help- All the Food

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The Help is one of my favourite books, and food and cooking was mentioned often throughout it! I am not sure that I will ever look at a chocolate pie the same way, but I would still love to try all of the food that they make! Food and Wine made a post featuring recipes for some of the food that is talked about in the Help! It all looks amazing and I am going to try some of them!


This post has actually inspired me to try and cook/bake a lot of these things! I will definitely make a blog post letting you know how it all goes!


48 thoughts on “TTT- Food in Books

  1. ALL THE FOOD IN HARRY POTTER! I want to try it all! I must read Lara Jean, but then, will I crave cookies all the time? Not that that’s a bad thing! Great post!

  2. Oh goodness! I completely forgot about Lara Jean! How could I?? She’s so talented and would definitely know how to make my perfect chocolate chip cookie!

  3. Awesome picks! To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the PERFECT pick! That book made us so hungry while reading it! All of the sweets in that book sounded amazing! It made us want to become pastry chefs haha!

    -Ash & Lo

  4. Great list. I think I’m passing on this week’s TTT as it was going to be just all the food in HP and maybe a little bit of Turkish delight.

    I have been trying to decide though whether I’d really want to eat Bertie Botts every flavour and I’m just not sure I’m brave enough.

  5. Considering how much Hobbits eat, I’m surprised more people haven’t included The Hobbit and/or Lord of the Rings on these lists. I am planning a LOTR marathon complete with lots of delicious food, enough to cover all seven meals in a hobbit’s day.

      1. It does sound awesome…and it also sounds like a lot of cooking, prep work, and dishes for me…probably why I haven’t done the feast and marathon yet.

  6. You are so right!! I totally forgot about the food in Harry Potter and yet the strange names for sweets etc. was one of the things I loved most with JK Rowling!

      1. Oh yes! It’s one of the only movies made after books that I deem really good πŸ˜‰

  7. I used to be obsessed with Turkish Delight after reading The Chronicles of Narnia! I’m still not sure if it was good enough to make me betray my family though πŸ€”

  8. These are some super choices! I can’t believe I didn’t think to add TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE. Face meet palm. (I almost typed balm. Is this my minds way of telling me that my lips are chapped? Oi.)

    Basically, YES at all your choices. Narnia is on here so naturally that makes it 100x more of a YES (but also Harry Potter because hello Harry Potter.)

  9. Well, now I need to read The Night Circus since so many people had mention the food in it. One more book to the tbr πŸ˜€ Turkish delights are one of my favorite sweets even tho I’m not a big fan of sugar. I’m interested to see how your baking will go and I hope all of it turns good because I’m a disaster in the kitchen πŸ˜€

  10. I mean, I could make do with carnival food. They served funnel cakes for breakfast at my school a month ago. So why not? πŸ™‚ I did love the care for cooking displayed in The Help. I wish I could finesse my skills to that level. That feast for Minnie was the most delicious looking thing ever!

  11. Great choices 🌸
    Yes! Harry Potter has probably the best food of any book! All those yummy breakfast and dinners, also the Halloween and Christmas feast and all the candy! Also I loved the carnival food in The Night Circus, everything sounded so delicious!

  12. This is such an unfair post β€” now I’m craving food that I can never have!! xD Totally agree with all Harry Potter foods and always wanted Turkish Delights since that scene in Narnia! :p really awesome post!

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