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I wasn’t tagged but that was not going to stop me from doing a tag about my main man! I saw this tag on Heather’s blog The Sassy Book Geek! I love that she has given me an excuse to post pictures of Leo!

1.) Growing Pains – A book you read before it was popular (or hyped-up)

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I read The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants because it was recommended to me by a bookstore owner when it was first released! I was so happy when the book became popular because my young self loved it so much!


2.) Tobey Maguire – Your favorite book best friends

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Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley of course!

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3.) Kate Winslet – Your OTP

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I hate to be repetitive but I am not someone who really has OTP’s- Elizabeth and Darcy are the one exception.  I love them so much!

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4.) Titanic – A book that made you cry or emotionally distressed

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I really could have gone with any WWII book here because they always break my heart but I settled on The Book Thief because it still stirs up emotions inside me when I think about it.

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5.) Martin Scorsese – An author you will always buy their books no matter what

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There are not many authors like this for me! I did write a post on my auto-buy authors! Mitch Albom, Khalid Hosseini, and Lisa Genova were on that list.  I have recently added Jandy Nelson to that list as well.  She is such an incredible author!

6.) Victoria’s Secret Models – A genre you will always go back to

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Historical fiction! I used to read historical fiction almost exclusively but I have started to branch out a lot more.  However, historical fiction will always be my happy place and my comfort zone.

7.) Happy Meme Leo – A character that makes you smile

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There are so many but I have to go with Ove from A Man Called Ove! He is so charming and hilarious even though he puts up a front that he is grumpy.

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8.) Every Leo Character – Your favorite complex characters

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This was a tricky one! I am going to say Gatsby from Great Gatsby! Not only do I love the character and all his complexity but he is also played by Leo!

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9.) Leonardo NoOSCARo (but now he does!) – A book that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves!

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Swimming Lessons only has abouy 8,500 reviews on goodreads and an average rating of 3.63! I rated this book 5 stars! I absolutely loved it.  If you liked slow paced, character driven family dramas than I think you would love this book.



This is such a fun tag so I tag anyone who also loves Leonardo DiCaprio to do this tag!

I think I have seen the majority of his movies and I can honestly say that I enjoyed them all.  I would love to know which of his movies is your favourite! For me it is between Romeo and Juliet and The Departed!


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  1. This is a fun tag. I have to say that there are a number of Leo films I enjoy so choosing one favorite is difficult. I mean, I like Titanic and Catch Me if You Can and The Great Gatsby, and I will continue to rave about how much I enjoy Inception.

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