Fierce Fangirl Friday- The Spice Girls

I am so excited to be participating in Fierce Fangirl Friday created by Jackie @ Too Much of a Booknerd!

Whenever you have something, anything to fangirl about – whether it be a book, TV show, music, celebrities, your pet, the universe, finding your soulmate or just a recent meal that you’ve had – Fierce Fangirl Friday is your opportunity to do so! It doesn’t matter if it’s a recent obsession of yours or something you’ve been loving for a while!

I thought it was only appropriate that for my first Fierce Fangirl Friday that I talk about my first fandom- The Spice Girls!

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When I was a kid I truly lived and breathed Spice Girls! I knew the lyrics to every song, and this is embarrassing to admit, but I also knew a lot of the dance moves as well! I collected everything and anything that was Spice Girls related! I had all the Barbie Dolls, the stickers that came in the lollipops, the photos which I collected in a Spice Girls album, the rings, etc etc.  It is truly insane to this about how much money my parents spent on Spice Girls memorabilia! They are the best!

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My childhood dreams came true and I got to go to a Spice Girls concert! It was one of the most magical nights of my life! I stood there in awe through the entire thing! I remember watching them sing the song Naked in nude body suits hidden behind a chair and thinking that was so scandalous!

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This is a picture of my cousins and I before the concert! We all have Spice Girls tshirts on and my visor in covered in stickers of their faces! Yes I am the one in the middle with pigtails and fashion forward visor!

My favourite Spice Girl was Baby Spice! I worshiped her! I had a group of friends and we would often pretend we were the Spice Girls and put on concerts.  We each had a different favourite so that worked out perfectly!

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My favourite movie at the time was Spice World! I would watch it on repeat. I watched it again not too long ago and OH MY GOD is that a cheesy movie! I still secretly love it though- so much nostalgia!

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To this day when I hear a Spice Girls song come on I can’t help but get pumped up! I know I am not alone in this! Please someone out there tell me that you were just as obsessed as I was! Anyone??

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22 thoughts on “Fierce Fangirl Friday- The Spice Girls

  1. Oh girl! I knew we were kin. I went to their concert in 3rd grade and was sooo excited. My favorite was sporty though. I still have Spice world on DVD. I know… Its fantastic. I am right there with you fangirling about them.

  2. I missed the golden era of the spice girls, but I love listening to their music. Also, my best friend’s dad once had me, her, and her younger sister sit with him for hours watching all their music videos so he could show us how much their mom looks like baby spice (there’s a resemblance, but it was so funny how every time she had a close up he would go “look! look! see! can’t you see it?!”)
    Also did you see the sweet pictures of Harper Beckham playing with the spice girl dolls? It was so adorable!

  3. Ha! This post made me smile! Spice Girls was my very first concert! I saw them in 2nd grade and it was my everything! I think it’s so funny you brought up the “Naked” performance behind the chairs, because I totally remember being scandalized by that as well! My biggest epiphany was that Sporty had jerseys for all Dallas teams and I realized in that moment that she must have a new wardrobe for every tour city and I wondered if that made the other girls jealous! HA! Thoughts of a 6-year-old!

  4. OHMYGOD I completely forgot about the barbies! I only had one (Baby Spice, obviously), but I wanted them all! We probably watched Spice World every single week for a year. I remember going to the movie in theaters wearing platform shoes and a nightgown I thought looked like a Baby Spice dress, lol.

  5. THE SPICE GIRLS! I still know almost every song my heart! A few kids and I formed a Spice Girls club, in which we pretended to be them and put on shows. Some of the parents still have the videos ha-ha! I was always Sporty Spice…like a cool kid ha-ha! What a great post – reminiscing on my childhood days ha-ha!

  6. I liked the Spice Girls, but I wasn’t obsessed with them or any of the boy bands in my youth. Even then I was a book obsessed individual. One of my first big book obsessions was the Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate (I still own every single book).

      1. Haha, really? That’s interesting. What ended up disappointing me was that a few years ago I actually learned that K.A. only wrote the first couple books of the series and the rest were completed by a ghost writer; I lost a little respect for the series because of that.

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