October Reading Wrap Up

October was a fantastic reading month and I definitely found some new favourite books. I also read so many books that felt perfect for October and helped me get into the Halloween spirit! I am going to attempt to rank these from my least favourite working up to my favourite, but I loved so many of these it is going to be a struggle.

I am on the hunt for books that remind me of the Mead Mishaps series by Kimberly Lemming and I really thought that Muscles and Monsters would be it! The cover is so cute and they are eating a cupcake so the vibes just felt right but I didn’t connect with this romance. The dialogue felt a little cheesy to me and not in a fun way. I also thought that everything happened too quickly and that while they had a sexual connection I didn’t feel like they had an emotional one. I also don’t think I am in to the whole tail wagging thing. I am starting to wonder if I don’t love monster romances and if the Mead Mishaps series just happens to be my exception. I am not ready to give up yet though!

I am putting The Woman in Me here in my ranking simply because I didn’t rate it and I feel weird about rating memoirs these days. I was such a huge Britney Spears fan growing up to the point that my friend and I would pretend to be her and we particularly loved the song Lucky. If you have listened to that song you know how sad it is and I think even from a young age I understood Britney. That level of understanding grew deeper after reading her memoir. I was so angry for her but I am so happy that she now has the freedom to share her story. I will forever be rooting for her!

Shady Hollow is your typical cozy mystery with the twist being that the characters are woodland creatures. We have foxes and bears and rabbits all coexisting in this world and it is kind of fun. It just feels like a small town cozy and I was into it! I think that this series is perfect if you need something lighthearted but there is still a mystery that you can hold onto and will have you turning the page. I will definitely be continuing on with the series!

Bad Witch Burning is definitely a witchy book but at its heart it is a hard-hitting YA contemporary. Our main character discovers she is able to raise people from the dead and does so in order to earn money to support her and her mother, but she does not consider the consequences. There are a lot of content warnings that I think are important to know about if this is something you plan to read. There is animal death as well as physical, emotional, and financial abuse all experience by our main character. I think that Jessica Lewis handle these themes really well and I felt like this was the perfect blend of fantasy and horror. I cannot wait to read more from her!

You probably know by now that I love witchy contemporaries and My Roommate is a Vampire is like that but make the hero a vampire instead of a witch. I really hope that this is a new trend because I had so much fun with this. This book has been getting mixed reviews, which I understand, but I think you have to go into it with the right expectations. This is ridiculous and over the top and the ending made sense to me but is kind of silly. The hero is a vampire who has been unconscious for 100 years so he has some dated opinions but is open to learn about the modern world. There is a third act conflict but it is not necessarily a breakup, which was refreshing. I just thought that this was a fun time!

Vampires of El Norte is the first book I have read from Isabel Canas and I definitely want to go back and read The Hacienda! There is something so beautiful about her writing. I think this is another one you have to go into with the right expectations. I thought I was getting a historical fiction novel with vampires and it is that but first and foremost it is a second chance romance. There is a lot of pining and angst and we even get a spicy scene, which was a pleasant surprise. The romance just happens to be unfolding as our characters are on the run from vampires. I thought this was super romantic and special!

Slewfoot has one of the most satisfying endings I have read in such a long time. This was horror in the way that there are some really graphic scenes but you are rooting for the “bad” guys in this so the horror elements are so rewarding. Brom has this way over writing that makes you feel fully immersed in the story and I was able to visualize so many of the scenes, and there were some horrifying scenes so maybe that wasn’t always a good thing. Slewfoot reminded me how much I love historical witchy stories and this is up there as one of the best I have ever read.

I have been wanting to read Mary but something about it intimidated me, which is ridiculous since I devoured this book and discovered just how readable Nat Cassidy’s writing is. Despite all the terrifying and disgusting things going on in this book, I never wanted to put it down. There was also some humour to it, which was a nice surprise. I honestly cannot believe that a male author wrote such an incredible book about a woman going through menopause. I am in awe! To the point that I have already read Nat Cassidy’s newest release, Nestlings, and will talk about that in my November wrap up.

I haven’t been much of a thriller readers these days, but S.A. Cosby is my exception. In a lot of ways, All the Sinners Bleed reads like your classic crime thriller but Cosby has this way of doing something unique with his stories. There are two content warnings I want to give before you read this. It starts with a school shooting and it might be difficult to read if you struggle with fiction that focuses on abuse of children. I could not put this book down but there were moments where it was too much and I needed a break. It is brilliantly done though and I am truly in awe of S.A. Cosby. An auto-buy author that is for sure!

C.J. Cooke never misses for me and A Haunting in the Arctic was no exception! I am realizing just how many difficult books I read in October because I need to give you another content warning for this one. It is told in two timelines- one in present day and the other in 1901. The historical timeline is difficult to read as our main character has been kidnapped and wakes up aboard a whaling ship and is repeatedly assaulted by the men on board. It is truly horrific but felt realistic. The modern timelines feels super modern, so expect a lot of TikTok references, but I loved it. No one does atmosphere quite like C.J. Cooke does and it was so interesting to see how the two timelines parallel one another. I am just sad that I don’t have another book by her to read. She is an all time favourite author!

Olivia Atwater is quickly sneaking up my list of favourite authors. I have read three books by her at this point and The Witchwood Knot is my favourite. It is set in the same world as Half a Soul, the book she is most known for, but it rather than being Regency it is Victorian, which means that it is darker and more Gothic, which is why I loved it so much. There is a moment early on where the house bites our main characters and that was when I knew I was going to adore this. I don’t think I have ever read a book where a house is haunted by fae instead of ghosts, but I loved that twist. Do not go into this thinking you are going to get the romantic banter that is in Half a Soul. There is a VERY slow burn romance but I was invested in it. I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out, even though this first book isn’t technically out yet.

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  1. Glad you liked Shady Hollow. It’s such a cozy read. I should probably try the next book now, since this is the perfect time of year for it.

  2. I’m really looking forward to The Witchwood Knot! It sounds so good. And I feel your pain about not knowing how to rate memoirs. It always feels to me like I’m rating the person, and not just the book.

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