Things That Get in the Way of Reading

While reading is my favourite hobby, there are definitely things that distract me from it even when I try to make it a priority. Sorry I have been MIA! I am allergic to red dye 40 and was exposed to it and have been fighting off hives for a week. That definitely affected my reading, so this week’s TTT topic is timely.


I suffer from migraines that are unpredictable and can last for days, so they definitely affect my reading. All I can do when a migraine comes on is lie down in the dark and hope I can fall asleep. Migraines are terrible for many reasons but the way they cut into my reading time is at the top of the list.


This is really just an excuse to talk about my cats! They are adorable and needy and they love to nibble on books, so they are definitely a distraction when I try to sit down to read physically. A welcome distraction though!

Reality TV

Reality TV has always been a guilty pleasure for me! I mean, I watched the first season of Big Brother way back in 2000. I love any and all reality tv from competition shows like Survivor to cooking shows like Top Chef to scandalous shows like Vanderpump Rules. I am currently watching the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix and it has cut into my reading time at night!


A lot of my listening time is dedicated to audiobooks, but I do go through phases where I want to listen to music or a podcast. There are a couple of podcasts that I keep up with every week but I have to be in the mood for them. Also, I am more of a music listener in the car- I wish I spent that time listening to audiobooks and I have tried but I always find myself turning on music instead.


While both my blog and my YouTube channel are centred around reading, they both take a great deal of time! Time that could theoretically be spent reading. I wouldn’t trade that though time in though because part of what makes reading fun for me is having a community to talk about the books with!

Social Media

I know I am not the only one who doom scrolls on social media! I love a good Instagram story, so I can spend hours watching what all my bookish friends are up to. I have also been spending a lot of time on Discord lately, but I love it because I feel like I am forming deeper connections with people in the online book community.


At the end of the day, I am a mood reader. This not only affects the kinds of books I read but whether I read at all! There are times when I want to do anything else than pick up a book and I have learned it is best to just ride that wave than try to force it.

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24 thoughts on “Things That Get in the Way of Reading

  1. Oh, my mood certainly factors into my reading time too. If I’m going through a period where I’m finding it difficult to read, I’ve learnt not to push it because it only makes things worse. Books will be there when I’m ready for them again.

  2. I’m a highly distractible mood reader as well! I’m always in the mood to read but what I read is dictated by my mood. Hence my high dnf rate! My lastest non bookish distraction has been binge watching all 5 seasons of Magnum P.I. with my husband!

  3. Sorry you have migraines to deal with–that’s awful. My daughter is a sufferer, too. And, I’m a big mood reader so I truly get it! Nice post. I didn’t get a TTT done this week.

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