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I have seriously been slacking on book tags lately, and there are a lot of summery ones that I have saved and want to do! The “Life’s A Beach” book tag was created by Lefty (The Left-Handed Book Lover) and I am heading to the beach on Sunday, so this is the perfect time to do this tag.

You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty is a book that I loved when I read it but have grown to appreciate even more as time has gone by. I actually raised by rating on Goodreads! It is not often that a romance has this effect on me.

I wanted to love Insomnia and I thought that the premise sounded interesting, but I think I need to accept that domestic thrillers don’t work for me. Also, that ending truly burned me and was ridiculous. I finished the book a few days ago and am still mad about it!

The entire Practical Magic series brings me so much comfort! I have nostalgia for this story and these characters and it is always a joy to return to them. I don’t reread books often, but when I do I tend to turn to this series. It is definitely calming for me!

I have not read The Beach Trap yet but the cover screams summer! Look how cute it is!

I love that Babel isn’t even out until August but it is already everywhere! Those who have ARCs are loving it and so many readers who did the “Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag” said Babel for the question about their most anticipated release- myself included!

The cast of characters in Nettle & Bone is the reason why I loved the book as much as I did. We are following Marra on her journey to kill the prince and she meets a lot of great characters along the way- from a grave witch to a demonized chicken!

I was sent an ARC of Every Summer After before it started to receive a lot of hype, so I went into it with zero expectations. I was not at all prepared to spend an entire afternoon reading this messy romance not wanting to do anything else. It had me hooked!

The Themis Files is a series I started reading when I first started my blog and Sleeping Giants is one of the books that made me fall in love with SciFi. I have been nostalgic for that time and have been wanting to reread the series for a while now. It is mixed media, so it will be a quick reread!

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