Books On My Wishlist

There are so many books on my wishlist! I used it to keep track of any books I might be interested in reading. I won’t be posting a link to it, but I want to give you an idea of what is there.

Look at all of these fantasy novels! Who am I!? The Sword of Kaigen is a self-published fantasy standalone that is getting a lot of attention, which is exciting to see!

City of Strife is the start of a fantasy series led by a cast of queer characters and I have heard that the found family vibes are strong!

There are so many T. Kingfisher books on my wishlist, but Swordheart is the newest edition and the one I am currently most excited about.

Dowry of Blood is another self-published book but it has been picked up by a traditional publisher. It is also part of my 12 Challenge, so I really need to read it!

The Grace of Kings has been getting some buzz lately and I am so curious about it.

The octopus in Remarkably Bright Creature has a perspective, so, of course, it is on my wishlist!

There are quite a few foodie romances on my wishlist, but Love From Scratch is the one that is calling me the most. I mean. look at that cake!

The Summer of Broken Rules sounds like the perfect beach read.

Fake dating is probably my favourite romance trope and I also love when at least one of the characters is a celebrity, so How to Fake It in Hollywood sounds perfect for me!

A Little Bit Country is a romance set in a place that sounds a lot like Dollywood? Yes, please!

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29 thoughts on “Books On My Wishlist

  1. ahhhh all of these covers look GORGEOUS?!!!! and all the fantasy books sound AMAZING?? EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO CHECK THEM ALL OUT!!! hope you love all of them!!

  2. I just want you to know that the octopus perspective chapters in Remarkably Bright Creatures are pretty short and it’s definitely more human narrated. Just so you know what to expect! I hope you love it anyway. 🙂 Does that one count as fantasy too? xD

  3. Ooh, I recently read and enjoyed A Little Bit Country but I’m also super excited for How to Fake It in Hollywood and I’m keen to read Sword of Kaigen cos I heard so many good things! Great list 🙂

  4. I also didn’t post a link. I felt a little weird asking my readers to buy me a book. I like your list. You have some great books on it. 😀 I’m really excited to read How to Fake it in Hollywood too.

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