Books I Wish Had an Epilogue

Hmmm… another tough one this week! There are more cases where I wish a book didn’t have an epilogue than ones where I wish it did! I think sharing why I wish these books had epilogues could be spoilery, so just know that I either wanted to spend more time with these characters or there was something left unresolved.

How do you feel about epilogues in general? They are really hit or miss for me!

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35 thoughts on “Books I Wish Had an Epilogue

  1. Is it weird that I like epilogues in romance novels, but not usually in fantasy or sci-fi? I’d much prefer the story be wrapped up in fantasy/sci-fi, whereas romance I’m all for seeing the characters happy a little bit longer…

    1. I don’t mind open endings when they are well done, but I don’t come across them often! An epilogue definitely can affect my rating. Sometimes authors include something in the epilogue that completely changes everything we learned in the rest of the book!

  2. I generally don’t like epilogues, especially in Romances where I feel like they don’t really add anything most of the time. I completely agree an epilogue would’ve been nice for Lessons in Chemistry though! We ended so abruptly after a bunch of life-changing stuff happened and I would’ve loved to peek in a few years later.

  3. I just got Lessons in Chemistry and I’m looking forward to that one. I struggled with Wild Beauty and thought there was a lot left unsaid! Great list.

  4. AHHH HII!! i’m new to your blog, BUT IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING ALREADY!!! the design is AMAZING and i love love love your posts so much!! AND AM INSANELY EXCITED TO READ MORE!! also, the covers of so many of these books look gorgeous??? LOVE THE LIST!

  5. It depends on the book genre. I don’t might epilogues in the long run tho. A good example of an epilogue that I recently finished would be One of Us is Lying. Definitely think this one was absolutely needed at the end of the book.

  6. In general, I’m fine with epilogues but I don’t think they’re necessary. I think (again, in general) I like them best at the end of a series as a resolution to any lingering doubts about the MCs’ happy ending.

    I didn’t personally need an epilogue for Dark Matter. However, what I really want from that book is a companion book from Amanda’s POV. I think her story, and why she makes the choices she does, would make for a more compelling story.

  7. I’m not so big on epilogues but you did great with this list! The only one on here that I’ve read is Dark Matter but it was so long ago that I can’t remember the ending 🙈 I do have Lessons in Chemistry and If We Were Villains on my TBR and I hope to read both *very* soon. I can’t wait to get to them!

  8. Never really thought about epilogues much when I read books, but looking back on old favorites I can definitely think of lots of YA that would definitely feel even more special with an epilogue at the end!

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