My Comfort Reads

What makes a comfort read? For me, it is a tone or a vibe. It is not something I can put into words- it is more of a feeling. I think once you see the books on this list you will understand what I mean! They are often romance or light fantasy and they are usually low stakes.

Legends and Lattes is the ultimate comfort reads. It is a book that I find myself constantly recommending to readers of all genres. Doesn’t the cover alone give you that cozy feeling? This is a light fantasy following a retired orc barbarian who opens a coffee shop and there is a sapphic romance. It is the sweetest thing!

Part of Your World is my favourite romance, so I had to include it on this list. The small town setting brings me so much comfort, and it has an amazing cast of characters, which includes farm animals! Just thinking about this book brings a smile to my face.

I had to include a Pride and Prejudice retelling on this list and A Certain Appeal is one of my most recent favourites. It is set at a burlesque club in New York and I thought it was such a gem. The ending is what gives me comfort because it does something that is not in the original story but is super satisfying!

Practical Magic is my favourite witchy series and everything about this is comforting and nostalgic for me. These characters feel like friends, especially since we see them throughout the seconds in different books in the series. I love the atmosphere and the magic and the familial relationships!

Who knew that SciFi could be so comforting? No one writes SciFi in quite the same way as Becky Chambers. While I love everything she has written, A Psalm for the Wild-Built is the one I would consider the sweetest and could see myself turning to time and time again.

Foodie romances are my comfort reads, and Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake is one I read recently that stood out to me! While Rosaline can be frustrating to read about, I loved seeing her growth and getting the behind the scenes of what goes on in a show like The Great British Bake Off was delightful. Also, the love interest is such a cinnamon roll!

Another Pride and Prejudice retelling!? I had to! This one is a cozy mystery. I had so much fun with Pride and Premeditation and it was interesting to see these beloved characters wrapped up in a murder mystery!

Sweethand is another food romance, but I couldn’t not include it. It has many of the tropes I look for in a comfort read- a lot of food descriptions, an adorable cat, a tropical setting, enemies to lovers, a wedding, etc.

The Eyre Affair is the first book in a unique series following Thursday Next, a literary detective. She follows a criminal into the pages of Jane Eyre and may or may not end up changing the story in the process. It is such a great time and I also thought that the romance was super sweet!

I think the entire Inspector Gamache series has the potential to become a comfort read. I really enjoyed the first book, especially in terms of the setting. It is just so Canadian! There is something so cozy and nostalgic about Still Life, even though it is a murder mystery.

What does a comfort read mean to you?

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26 thoughts on “My Comfort Reads

  1. Legends & Lattes is such a comfort read! I love a low-stakes book with a cozy setting for a comfort read. I often turn to small town romances.

  2. Agree completely with your definition of a comfort read! It reminds me of the German word Heimat – it loosely means home but it’s where your heart is: based on feeling. I’m reading If Cats Ruled The World by Genki Kawamura. Definitely worth a read!

  3. As you read the Gamache series, you’ll notice that Three Pines becomes a symbol for safety and acceptance….. truly comforting!

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