Best Quotes From My Favourite Books of the Year So Far

I am someone who loves a good quote, and I feel as though I have shared many of my favourites over the years! For example, you can click here if you want to see some of my favourite quotes about books. Today, I thought it would be fun to share some quotes from some of the best books I have read so far in 2022.

“Living everyday in the presence of those who refuse to acknowledge your humanity takes great courage.”

“No one is clean. Living makes you dirty.”

“Fill your mind with knowledge—it’s the only kind of power no one can take away from you.”

“Inaction is a powerful choice”

“When someone dies, everything about them becomes past tense. Except for the grief. Grief stays in the present.”

“Love means wanting you to have a good life, even if I’m not in it.”

“I wanted what Clarissa Montgomery had, the ability to take those looks, to bend them and to make them hers, to make the moment hers, to make the whole world hers if she wanted. I wanted that, and that want was the core of everything that came after.”

“So this was how it felt—to be dealt a blow, to pause, to keep going in spite of it. Not to start over but to continue.”

“In the silence that followed she realized how badly she wanted to have been told a story. She craved the arc of it, the beginning and middle and end. She craved a moral, a meaning, something she could mull over in the dark.”

“If the act of love is so dangerous, why do people risk so much for it?”

“Sometimes men want what they don’t have because they don’t have it. Even if everyone offered to share, they would only want the share that wasn’t theirs.”

“A man might desire something for a moment, while a larger part of him rejects it. You’ll need to learn to judge people by their actions, not their thoughts.”

“It was like drinking the feeling of being peaceful. Being peaceful in your mind. Well, not if you have too much, then it’s something else.”

“For the first time, the building, the city, this place… felt like hers. A place she’d still be tomorrow, the week after, next season, next year…. Home.”

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26 thoughts on “Best Quotes From My Favourite Books of the Year So Far

  1. I’ve never read Fire Keeper’s Daughter but those quotes hit REALLY hard. What a beautiful way to express grief and love.

  2. I’m reading it now too, finally! I’m reading it slowly, but I’m reading it haha. It has some great quotes in it. I feel like that book could have its own post, and I’m only halfway through!

  3. Love these quotes! I did the same Idea and also had a quote from Siren Queen, that book absolutely blew me away! I’ve heard some really great things about Legends and Latte’s so I’ll definitely be adding that one to my TBR 😀

  4. All of these quotes are fantastic! I loved Pachinko and Legends & Lattes but all of the other books are on my TBR. I feel like bumping them up on my list now after reading these quotes! 😍

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