My Favourite First Lines of 2022 So Far

It is no secret that I am a fan of first lines and there have been some standouts in the books I have read so far in 2022!

“History has failed us, but no matter.”

As of writing, Pachinko is the best book I have read so far this year. I am so glad that the first line didn’t disappoint! It is simple and straight to the point, but it is so effective. It sets the tone for the rest of the story!

“There are many legends about my mother. Some say she betrayed her husband, a great mortal warrior, stealing his Exilir of Immortality to become a goddess.”

The first line of Daughter of the Moon Goddess isn’t flashy, but it does a great job of letting the reader know what to expect from the story.

“Another night, another dead body that isn’t Mama.”

Blood Scion is one of the most brutal books I have ever read, and that was true right from the first line. This is a line that has stayed with me, especially since I know where the story goes. That first chapter is intense, but it only gets more difficult from there.

“The myths of my people say only a true bride of the Sea God can bring an end to his insatiable wrath.”

I feel similarly to the first line of The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea as I do to the one for Daughter of the Moon Goddess. It is a perfect setup and let’s the reader know what to expect.

“Viv buried her greatsword in the scalvert’s skull with a meaty crunch.”

Legends and Lattes is one of the most charming books I have every read, so I kind of love that it starts with a more violent first line!

“My head is throbbing again, a white-hot line of pain from the back of my skull down to the right side of my jaw, and a dead man is signaling me across from the common room.”

The first line of Dead Silence is pretty epic! There is so much intrigued- who is the dead man!? It is definitely worth reading to find out!

“Dahlia Woodson might have been shit at marriage, but she could dice an onion like a goddam professional.”

Love and Other Disasters is such a fun romance and this is the perfect first line because you instantly understand the sense of humour! There is a lot of conversations about onions throughout the book, which is fun!

“When most people envisioned hell, they conjured wicked, soul-destroying flames and near bottomless abysses bursting with spirits of the damned.”

Not the Witch You Wed is a romance that surprised me, and I knew from this first line that I was in for something different and a good time!

“My name is unimporant.”

Extasia is such an interesting book. I do not talk about it enough! The narrator remains unnamed throughout the story, so I think this first line is fitting and intriguing.

“It is a redacted universally acknowledged, that a throbbing redacted in possession of a thick redacted must be in want of a redacted.”

A Certain Appeal is a Pride and Prejudice retelling set at a burlesque club, so this play on the first line of the original is hysterical and too perfect!

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  1. So many great lines! I love seeing how a book will start because it can sure reel you in.

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