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I have fallen in love with the concepts of dragons over the last couple of years, so I thought it would be fun share some books with dragons on the cover. These are a mix of books I have read and books on my TBR. I am also posting this selfishly because I want some recommendations for dragon books!

I have talked about The Memoirs of Lady Trent series a lot lately, as I am cohosting a read-a-long of the entire series. We are currently on book three, Voyage of the Basilisk, and the liveshow will be on April 1st! I have been loving this series and the way that it is fiction but reads like a memoir. It is an interesting take on dragons- they read more like animals than fantastical beings!

I read Fireborne last summer and I have plans to read the second book on the beach in preparation for the release of the third and final book in August. The first book was a lot of fun and way more political than I expected. The world is fascinating! There is also a competition involving dragons, so it is a good time overall.

Of course, I had to include The Hobbit– it is a classic! There is something so nostalgic about this cover for me and it was definitely one of my first introductions to dragons.

The Ice Dragon is children’s books from George R.R. Martin and I very much enjoyed it. The illustrations are stunning!

The Rage of Dragons has been everywhere lately and this cover is pretty epic! I am reluctant to read this though because only two books in the series are currently published and it seems like there are years-long waits between each book. The reviews are amazing though.

I preordered The Priory of the Orange Tree and I even have the signed poster, which was the preorder incentive, and I have yet to read it! The size of it intimidates me, but I appreciate that it is technically a standalone. That said, the prequel was just announced, and I have to say that I am strange and I adore prequels!

Seraphina has been out for a decade and I have always been curious about it!

I have been wanting to read more from Naomi Novik because, even though I didn’t like Uprooted, I did love her writing style. Temeraire, or His Majesty’s Dragon, sounds intriguing. The first book was published in 2006 and I have not heard a lot of people talk about it! The ratings on Goodreads are good though!

To be honest with you, Robin Hobb’s book intimidate me and her world is so expansive that I just don’t think I can commit to her books. That said, I love the cover for Dragon Keeper, but I know I would have to read a ton of books before getting to this one. Is it worth it? Let me know!

The Shadow of the Gods, and John Gwynne’s books in general, have been everywhere lately. I am definitely tempted by his work, and I have been told I should probably start with Malice, so we will see. This cover is so epic though!

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51 thoughts on “Books With Dragons on the Cover

  1. Ooooooh I almost did this topic as well because as I was going through I saw how many dragon books I had in my list xD
    Temeraire is so fascinating! I haven’t read Spinning Silver (yet) but I have a feeling it’s very different. Napoleonic war era with dragons? I don’t love ” war stories” but DANG was this really interesting as a series. It has the historical aspect, but also punches it up with alternative history and, of course, DRAGONS. They social dynamics involved are great as well. I’ve had this book up on my list to re-read again!

  2. Oh! And other dragon book recommendations:

    The Dragon of Ynys by Minerva Cerridwen – wholesome and a little silly with a focus on acceptance and identity

    Dawn of the Aspects by Richard A Knaak – technically in the World of Warcraft universe but readable as its own story, this is your typical high fantasy actiony adventure with lots of dragon characters (and other fantastic creatures)

    Highfire by Eoin Colfer – on my TBR, a drunk dragon teams with a newbie smuggler to take down a mob boss (probably pretty quirky)

    Burn by Patrick Ness – on my TBR, dragons are second-class citizens, but this one knows of a prophecy that has the FBI hot on his tail

  3. Those are lovely dragon covers. I love that they’re more modern. Most of the covers I’ve seen with dragons on them are from older fantasy novels that are just cringetastic.

  4. Ooh, good topic and very fun selection of covers! I have the first Temeraire book too, and although I haven’t read it yet, I love the dragon on the cover. The other two on my shelves that come to mind are The Hero & the Crown (Robin McKinley) and Tooth & Claw (Jo Walton). Great list!!

  5. Love the dragon theme! I need to pick up more books on dragons. I really liked House of Dragons but unfortunately the author turned out with some views I don’t agree on. Otherwise that’d be another dragon book I would recommend

  6. I’d love to try the Lady Trent books and the Priory of the Orange Tree.
    I really enjoyed the Seraphina duology and am still hoping for more books set in that world. It’s so interesting!
    Robin Hobb’s books are chunky and I totally get feeling intimidated by them, but they are worth checking out. The pace is slow but the world is interesting and certainly too the characters.

  7. I love the Temeraire series so far! I still have a few more volumes to go. Priory of the Orange Tree is intimidating. I still haven’t gotten to it yet either.

  8. I love the covers for the Lady Trent series. I have the first one but I’ve yet to read it. I’ve heard there aren’t actually a lot of dragons in it so I’ve been hesitant lol Also, I have realized I Really love dragons on the cover of books. All of these are so epic.

  9. I have read the first three in the Temeraire series, I read them as I find them at used bookstores. They are fun and Temeraire is wonderful.

  10. I read Seraphina ages ago so I can’t remember much but I reminisce liking and enjoying it, especially the different concept on dragons and unusual half-dragons. Although, the second book I didn’t like based on the turn of events in the last half (I think) and the ending was very unsatisfying, at least for me.

    I did not know that George R. R. Martin wrote children books… I’ll add that one to my TBR! And yes, we can never forget about Smaug in The Hobbit! The Shadow of the Gods I think is my favourite dragon cover I’ve ever beheld with mine eyes 🙂

    If you want a dragon fantasy romance, I recommend The Last Dragonlord by Joanne Bertin. It was a fun read with some adventure and familiar tropes that didn’t feel too cliche for me.

    So many books on this list I want to read!

  11. Loved this post, thank you for the dragons! I’ll put in my recommendation for Robin Hobb – totally understand your nervousness given the sheer number and size of books but I absolutely love the detail and realism of the magical world she builds, and for me the pages whizzed by. The caveat is that the books with dragon in the title were actually my list favourite of the sixteen… but still very readable!

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