Bookish Merchandise I Am Coveting

One of my favourite things to do is to browse bookish merch! I am always excited to have an excuse to share my finds with you. I should do posts like this more often! Now fair warning, there are a lot of Pride and Prejudice-related items on this list because that is what I am drawn to!

Romance Reader Mug from anwdigital

This romance mug is the cutest thing ever! It comes in three colours- pink, red, and black. I have so many items from this seller saved because everything is stunning. They do a lot of apparel and my favourite is this books and cats sweater.

Written in the Stars Reading Journal from StellaBookishArt

I want to be one of those people who keeps a physical reading journal, and this one from StellaBookishArt has to be the most beautiful one I have ever seen! I adore the aesthetic and the attention to detail when it comes to the layout. You can tell that the seller is a passionate reader! They also have another design, which is softer and I think just as beautiful.

Book Tracker Bookmark from britishbookart

I think that having a bookmark that you can use to track your reading is absolutely genius! There are quite a few out there, but this one from britishbookart is my favourite. I just love the design! They also have larger prints where you can track your monthly reading.

Gilmore Girl Quote Pin from EnchantedExtrasbyBri

I have a small collection of enamal pins and I am picky about the ones that I like, but I absolutely adore this one from EnchantedExtrasbyBri! It is a great size and you can tell it is high quality. They also sell pin hoops as a way to display your pins, and I have my eye on this iridescent one.

Pride and Prejudice Book Bag from WellReadCompany

I have had my eye on this Pride and Prejudice book bag for years! Look how stunning it is! They have a ton of these with different book covers and sizes. This The Great Gatsby one is also calling to me!

Miniature Bookshelf by BooksbyBritton

BooksbyBritton is a new discovery for me and I love what they do! They make these custom mini bookcases! You choose your design and the books that you want to be displayed- how cute is that!?

Pemberly-Scented Candle from JDandKateIndustries

I have no idea what Pemberly would smell like, but I bet it is incredible!

Bookish Sweatshirt from HopealittleShop

I love this twist on one of my favourite lines in Pride and Prejudice!

Pride and Prejudice Rock Glass from WellTold

I am not the biggest drinker, but I still feel like I need these Pride and Prejudice glasses! Sadly, they do not ship to Canada, but if you live in the US you have to check these out. They have a ton of different mugs, glasses, and tumblers- and not just literary ones. Though, I do adore this Hamlet glass!

Book Taco Sweatshirt from DesignCasaCo

Do I even have to explain why I want this sweatshirt? It is just too perfect!

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63 thoughts on “Bookish Merchandise I Am Coveting

  1. Omgoodness I WANT EVERYTHING 🥹 That bookish mug is so pretty especially with that pink colour! And those sweaters and that book bag?! I looove it 😍 RIP my wallet… Haha

  2. Oh wow, so many things I just want in my hands! Like that miniature bookshelf that is so cute! And I love that sweatshirt, should see if I can find it somewhere (as the Etsy doesn’t ship to my country).

  3. I have coveted that written in the stars journal since I saw it on YouTube! But I have so many unused book journals I haven’t been able to justify it 🙁 (Yet!)

  4. So many cool items! I could spend hours looking at bookish merch… honestly its a problem. StellaBookishArt has stunning designs… I love their aesthetic and that reading journal is amazing!! 😍

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