The Makings of a Great Audiobook

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Do you listen to audiobooks?

Audiobooks have been a game-changer for me! I listened to my first audiobook in 2019 and haven’t stopped since. My new thing is listening to the audiobook while reading along with the physical book. I feel like I take in more information that way and it always makes for a fun reading experience.

If so, what makes a good audiobook? Is it the narrators or does it depend on the genre?

I think that it is a combination of this! I truly believe that a narrator can make or break an audiobook. There are audiobooks I had to stop listening to because of the narration and then there are books I never would have picked up if it weren’t for the narrator. For example, I will listen to anything that Bahni Turpin narrates. If I am looking for something to listen to, I will often search her name and see if she has anything new out!

I used to be pickier when it came to the genre of the audiobook I would listen to. These days, I am open to anything, but there are certain genres I will only read if I listen to them. Non-fiction and thrillers are good examples of this. There is something about these two genres that just lend themselves well to being listened to. Maybe I am an auditory learner and that is why I like to listen to my non-fiction?

What are some of your recommendations for amazing audiobooks?

Do you listen to audiobooks? Is there a certain genre you prefer on audio? Do you have any recommendations?

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20 thoughts on “The Makings of a Great Audiobook

  1. The narrator can make a huge difference! I’ve DNFed before because I just couldn’t understand the narrator or they had an unpleasant voice.

  2. The narrator for sure. There are some where I’ve had to stop listening because I didn’t gel with them but for the most part, I like them all!!!

  3. I do enjoy audiobooks! I like it when they have multiple narrators, but I enjoy single narrators when the book has a single POV>.

  4. I love audiobooks! These days, I listen to more than I read. I agree about a narrator making or breaking a reading experience. There are those that elevate a good book to great and make an okay book even better. Fortunately, I’ve listened to enough narrators to know which to avoid these days so my negative experiences are pretty minimal.

    Great post, Kristin💜

  5. Narrators are super important to me when listening to an audiobook – there are certain narrators I know I don’t like and I just won’t even bother listening to that book then!

    Your audio recommendations are great ones, I forget about Sadie sometimes but it was soooo good! Allegedly was great on audio too!

  6. Bahni Turpin is one of my auto-listen narrators too! I used to think that I wouldn’t enjoy non-fiction audiobooks as much as fiction but, after giving non-fiction audiobooks a go, I was proved wrong.

    I definitely think having the right narrator is so important. One of the best ones I’ve listened to lately is The Secret of Haven Point, which was narrated by the author. Those kind of audiobooks can be hit-and-miss but, in this case, it was a definite hit. I’d highly recommend it! I’d also recommend any of the Neil Gaiman audiobooks that Gaiman himself narrates. He is such a natural storyteller!

  7. I loved reading your thoughts on this week’s topics, Kristin! There are definitely narrators that I will always listen to, and that can really make the whole experience of listening to the audiobook so much better! For me personally, genre doesn’t really impact how much I enjoy or don’t enjoy listening to a book. Although, I have noticed that I’m better at listening to non-fiction than reading a physical copy of the book, so that’s something we have in common. Great post 🥰

  8. I love audiobooks! But for some reason I can’t listen to anything fantasy. If it’s in a fictional world, I struggle to follow. So I listen to thrillers and mysteries, set in the “real” world!

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