2021 Sequels I Meant to Read But Didn’t Because I Suck At Reading Sequels

I shared a few of the 2021 releases I am still interested in reading back in December, but I did not include any sequels in the list, which was a mistake because there were many sequels that came out last year that I meant to get to.

I am debating whether or not to start A Psalm for Storms and Silence on audio today! I really loved the first book, A Song of Wraiths and Ruin, but I read it when it first came out and I need a bit of a refresher. Thankfully, Epic Reads posted a recap, so I am going to read that before finally diving into the sequel. I think I never got to this one because the release date was pushed back and it kind of fell off my radar. I am excited to get to it because I really do love a good duology.

I do not know why I thought I would get to The Galaxy, and the Found Within in 2021 considering I have only read the first book in the series and this is book four. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet is one of my favourite books of all time, so I have no excuse as to why I have not continued with the series. I think it is because that first book is so perfect in my mind that I don’t feel like I need more!

I have read the first four novellas in the Murderbot Diaries series and one of my goals for this year is to catch up! I am only two books behind, so I have to read the full-length novel, Network Effect, and the 2021 release, Fugitive Telemetry. I believe that I read somewhere that Martha Wells is releasing a non-Murderbot book this year but we are eventually getting three more books in the series, so now is the time to catch up!

I read Fireborne, the first book in the Aurelian Cycle series, last year and was surprised by just how much I enjoyed it. The second book, Flamefall, was published in 2021 and I meant to read it right away but you know how that goes. The third and final book, Furysong, comes out this year, so I would like to get to that one as well. I love the world and politics in this series!

I read and fell in love with Jade City in 2021, but it took a lot out of me, so I am not surprised that I haven’t read more in the series. I do own a copy of Jade War, and Jade Legacy came out at the end of last year, so if I completed that series this year I would be thrilled!

I just do not think I am ready for Heartstopper Volume Four! I absolutely adore this graphic novel series- it is so sweet and touching. I have heard that the latest volume is heavier than the first three and I trust Alice Oseman with the subject matter, but I am just not ready! I know that the fifth and final volume comes out this year, so I am thinking I will save this fourth volume and read the final one right after.

I am normally pretty good about keeping up with romance series, but The Dating Playbook is one that slipped away from me. I really did enjoy the first book, The Boyfriend Project, and I have been really excited to read Taylor’s story. I am always up for a sports romance and this one has fake dating- my favourite romance trope! The third book, The Hookup Plan, comes out in August and I am excited about that one as well.

Another romance book I was highly anticipating but just didn’t get to! You Had Me At Hola is one of my favourite romances, so I cannot believe I didn’t read A Lot Like Adios the day that it came out. I know there is going to be a third book as well!

I read the first three books in the Iron Fey series many years ago. It was my introduction to Julie Kagawa, who became one of my favourite authors. I was so excited when The Iron Raven was announced, especially since it follows Puck, but I just never made it a priority and I haven’t heard much about it!

The Secret Keeper of Jaipur is one that I am curious about but I am not sure I will ever get to. I read The Henna Artist early on in 2021 and I have to say I was left disappointed by it. I think I had different expectations for it! That said, The Secret Keeper of Jaipur follows I character I adored in the first book, so I am still intrigued. If you have read it, let me know what you thought!

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43 thoughts on “2021 Sequels I Meant to Read But Didn’t Because I Suck At Reading Sequels

  1. I feel you, it can be difficult to remember to read sequels to everything sometimes and just not enough time! I’m really looking forward to reading Heartstopper v4 as well~!

  2. Jade Legacy is excellent! I highly recommend that one. I have so many sequels I need to get to as well. Why? I love a book and instead of reading the next… I just don’t. I need to be better about this! lol

  3. I hope you will get to all of these this year!
    I also still need to read A Psalm of Storm and Silence and The Iron Raven!

  4. i also need to read jade war and jade legacy! i think its the size that’s been intimidating me haha. and i’m glad to hear you loved the long way to a small angry planet—i’m hoping to get around to it this year after wanting to read it for years!

  5. I can’t wait to read Heartstopper #4 — just waiting for my library to get a copy. I have a hard time with sequels if I don’t read them right in a row. Otherwise, the details all just disappear from my head and I end up feeling like I’m missing something. I do want to start the Becky Chambers series this year!
    My TTT

  6. I’m also really bad at reading sequels, both A Psalm of Storms and Silence and the new Truly Devious book are still on my TBR! For APoSaS I’ll probably also listen to the audiobook again, both because I love audiobooks and they’re like 90% of my reading these days and because I loved the audiobook for the first book a lot!

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