Blogmas (Day Twenty-One) | Books I Would Be Thrilled to Find Under the Christmas Tree

My family and friends know that the way to my heart is to buy me a book from my wishlist! Here are a few that I have mentioned to them or that are on my Amazon wishlist.

I listened to A Psalm for the Wild-Built on audio, which was amazing, but I would love to have a physical copy for my shelves. As much as I adore Becky Chambers, I don’t own many of her books.

The Inheritance of Orquidea Divina is one of my favourite books of the year and I need a copy for my shelves. I listened to the audiobook thanks to, but I would love to reread it physically and tabbed it and everything.

I love a good Pride and Prejudice retelling and A Certain Appeal is a book that I am considering making my first read of the year. Plus, how gorgeous is that cover!?

Lore Olympus is number one on my wishlist! I can totally see myself reading it between Christmas and New Year’s and having a lovely time.

I have an ebook of Greek Mythology, but I have a feeling it is going to be stunning in person!

I have it on good authority that my best friend has bought me a copy of The Ballerinas, and I am so excited!

The Shadow of the Wind is one of those books that I have had my eyes on for years and years but have never actually bought myself a copy.

Schitt’s Creek is my comfort show and I love everything about it. I am so excited to flip through Best Wishes, Warmest Regards and to get some behind the scenes on what went into making the show.

I have so many of Louise Erdrich’s books on my list, but The Sentence is her newest release and I would love to get to it ASAP!

A Marvellous Light has one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen and I keep hearing amazing things about the story itself. I just have a good feeling about this one!

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39 thoughts on “Blogmas (Day Twenty-One) | Books I Would Be Thrilled to Find Under the Christmas Tree

  1. I have to read Lore Olympus myself sometime, I keep hearing good things and I can’t wait to jump in.

    I loved Schitts Creek – I still haven’t watched the final season because I just never wanted it to end LOL so I have to go back to that, but once I finish it I’m dying to read Best Wishes, Warmest Regards too! Such a fantastic show!

      1. Aww thats so cool your dad introduced you!! It definitely has great rewatch value and I love how many fun gifs have emerged from the show. Sometimes I can have a full conversation with friends in just Schitts Creeks gifs LOL!

  2. I love Schitt’s Creek!! I have that book on my husband’s Christmas list! I’m really hoping he got it. I think chances are high since he loved the show too!!

  3. Lore Olympus is on my Christmas list too. I’m happy Rachel was able to get a book deal. Considering how far the comic has come, I wonder how many volumes it’ll be. I plan to collect them. How about you?

  4. I’m also dying to get my hands on a copy of A Marvelous Light! I’ve heard SO many great things recently and can’t wait to give it a try! Have you seen the Illumicrate edition of the book? It’s absolutely stunning and I’m so jealous I didn’t get myself a copy! Great post 😊

  5. A Certain Appeal has such a great cover! I hope you get some of these under the tree!

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