Blogmas (Day Seven) | Holiday Romances on My TBR

I have been reading so many holiday books this season, but there are so many more on my TBR. I am feeling a little burnt out on them so I am currently taking a break, but I would like to get a few more in before Christmas.

The Holiday Switch is YA, which I think might be refreshing as I have been reading a lot of adult holiday romances! The only other festive YA romance I can remember reading is 10 Blind Dates and it is one of my favourites. The main characters hate each other but accidentally switch phones and learn they have more in common than they think. It also takes place at an inn and looks adorable!

The Matzah Ball is one I will read before the end of the month because it is on my Reindeer Readathon TBR. I love that the main character is an author who is trying to get in touch with her Jewish roots and attends the Matzah Ball. I believe that this is another hate-to-love romance, which I am always up for!

Fool Me Twice is a book I found on Kindle Unlimited and I just love the cover and the title. It is the first book in a new series and involves both fake dating and second chance romance!

Blame It On the Mistletoe has the cutest title! It also sounds very similar to The Holiday, which is one of my go-to Christmas movies. I have also realized that I like books where one of the characters is famous on social media.

So, This is Christmas is another YA romance and is the start of a new series. The second book is called So, This Is Love and comes out on January 1st.

A Holly Jolly Diwali is another punny title, which I just love! The book is also blurbed by Uzma Jalalluddin, who is an author I discovered this year and really like. I also tend to like Berkley Romances and love that this one is set in India.

Once again, I’m Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas is a YA romance and probably has the cutest cover! The main character’s name is Noelle Partridge, I mean… how cute!? Also, both the main character and the love interest are ballet dancers. I am sold!

A Season for Second Chances is almost 450 pages, which seems really long for a holiday romance! That said, I love that it follows a woman who is recently divorced and who has grown children. There is something refreshing about that, and the cat on the cover is calling to me!

Always in December is a book that takes place over the course of a year and there seems to be a fun meet-cute. I have also heard that it is a tearjerker!

I am not sure if Eight Perfect Hours is technically a holiday read, but it does take place in the winter and the two main characters are strangers who become stranded together during a blizzard! Cute!

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11 thoughts on “Blogmas (Day Seven) | Holiday Romances on My TBR

  1. found tons of YA christmas reads here! Where did you even find them? I’ve been up and down the internet trying to find holiday reads.

  2. I’ve read Eight Perfect Hours, and it’s not at all a holiday book… but it’s snowy, and the cover definitely makes it look like a holiday read. (It’s worth reading!) I do want to read The Matzah Ball and A Season for Second Chances (hoping to find the audiobook at the library). I hope you enjoy all of these!

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