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I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while now, so I am thrilled that this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is pushing me to fianlyl do it. I love bookish websites and apps, and I am excited to share a few of the ones that I have found helpful. I am even more excited to discover new ones through everyone else’s recommendations!

The Storygraph

I have been using The Storygraph for over a year now and am coming up on a year of being a plus member. If you are looking for an alternative to Goodreads, this is it! I have tried so many other platforms and The Storygraph is my favourite. Something I appreciate is how the website is always evolving and the creators really take users opinions into consideration. The Storygraph has changed so much since I last spoke about it on my blog, so I have plans to write a post highlighting all my favourite features. So, look out for that soon!

Try The Storygraph f you want half star ratings, trigger warnings, a pletora of stats, and unique book recommendations!


I have fallen in love with audiobooks over the last few years and have tried so many apps for audiobook listening. Scribd, Anyplay, and are three of my favouite paid subscription services.

Scribd has a great catalogue of audiobooks and ebooks, though you are limited to how many audiobooks you can listen to a month. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it, but I still use Scribd all of the time!

Anyplay has a similar catalogue to Scribd and there doesn’t seem to be a limit. The app is a little bit glitchy though and you cannot listen faster than 1.75X speed. is like Audible, in that you pay a monthly fee for a credit to use towards an audiobook; however, supports independent bookstores, which I love! I also adore their influencer program, so if you have more than 1000 followers on a single platform, it is worth looking into. is another amazing way to support independent bookstores! It is simply a place to buy books online, but a portion of the profits goes towards independent bookstores.


Bookbub is described as a book discovery service and I love their newsletters! If you are an ebook reader, BookBub is a great way to find daily ebook deals.


If you are like me and you love bookish news, I highly recommend LitHub. I have read so many interesting articles on LitHub, from author interviews to think pieces. I also love their newsletter!


The website for AddAll needs an update in terms of how it looks, but I love how simple it is! If you want to find the best deal on a book, AddAll will search the internet for you. You can compare prices, shipping times, and the number of available copies. Such a handy tool!

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39 thoughts on “Online Resources for Book Lovers

  1. Out of the three audiobook platforms you chose which one do you think is most worth your money? I have a very slim budget for books but I really want to start listening to audiobooks because I can do other things while still “reading”.

  2. Lit Hub is such a good website! There are always articles on there with points I’d never have considered (which I guess makes it a good article) and their short fiction section is also a bonus!

  3. Checking out LitHub right now!

    Happy TTT!


  4. This is such a useful post, thank you. It’s very easy to fall back on the A**z*n run websites which means alternatives don’t get a look in. I also love audiobooks and will definitely look at Scribd and at LitHub.

  5. I’ve found some amazing deals on BookBub! Just yesterday I went on a mini spending spree that I felt less guilty about since the books were all 99p! 😂 I also need to use The Storygraph more—I think what’s stopping me is that I haven’t really figured out how to use it properly (like how to add friends LOL) and I still find GR more complete! Great list 🙂

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