My Goals for #Goodreadance2021

What is Goodreadance?

  • Goodreadance is a challenge hosted by Shealea @ Shut Up, Shealea
  • It runs from September to November
  • It is a chance to organize your reading life, whatever that means for you!
  • Find out more info here!

My Goals

#1 Remove Books I Am No Longer Interested In From My Goodreads TBR

I have slowly been removing books from my Goodreads TBR, and I have even wrote a few posts where I talk about the books I am no longer interested in. However, I am adding books to my TBR faster than I am removing them! I am okay with this, especially since I am always looking for new and future releases so that I can share them with you. That said, I would love to make my way through all 930 books on my list and remove any I know I will never get to. I want that list to reflect books I would actually consider reading at some point!

#2 Write Reviews on Goodreads and The Storygraph

One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to review every book that I read! I have definitely failed at this, and I have read 100 books so far this year and am so behind. I know I won’t write reviews for them all, but I would love to use this time to write reviews for books I have strong opinions on, whether positive or negative. I especially want to focus on posting on The Storygraph, as it is a platform I believe in and would love to see grow.

#3 Catch Up on My Reading Spreadsheet

I love the idea of a reading spreadsheet and I personally use the Rock Your Reading tracker by Sarah’s Bookshelves. I love all of the charts and stats, I just need to get into the habit of filling it in as soon as I finish a book. I am very behind, but I do think I can catch up on it pretty quickly if I just talk the time to do it!

#4 Create Reading Mood Boards on Pinterest

I have started creating reading book boards on Pinterest, one for every month. I love being able to see my reading reflected through photos. So far, my September is looking really spooky and I am loving it. Maybe I will share these with you at the end of the year so you can see my year of reading through inspiration photos!

#5 Put Together a Database of All the Books I Own

This is something I have been meaning to do for you! I love the idea of have an electronic database of all the books that I own, something separate from Goodreads and just for me. It is just a matter of deciding how I want to do it! Do you track your books this way? I would love any ideas you have!

#6 Unhaul Physical Books I Am No Longer Interested In

I have been pretty good about only keeping books I absolutely loved on my shelves, but my TBR carts are another story. I have quite a few books that I am no longer interested in reading and should really donate. I am thinking of filming a video/writing a post where I ask you all your opinions on the books I am looking for get rid of and then maybe reading a chapter or two of the ones you recommend keeping just to see what I think. I would love to get that done by the end of this challenge!

#7 Create Shelves on Goodreads and Literal?

I have wanted to create different shelves on Goodreads for years now, but it just seems like so much work! This is probably my lowest priority, so we will see if I get to it.

I have also been testing out Literal, which is another book tracking app and I love the shelf feature. I decided not to import my Goodreads library and to simply track my reading on there from the beginning of 2021, which makes creating shelves a lot easier.

Will you be participating in #Goodreadance2021?

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8 thoughts on “My Goals for #Goodreadance2021

  1. Yes to all of this! Every year I say I am going to track my reading better and all I ever do is slap it onto Goodreads – and I only got good at that when I got a smart phone with the scanning option! I love all the artistic elements to these plans. Maybe I could try it for the last quarter of the year rather than always giving up when I can’t wrangle it Jan 1.

    Fantastic post!

  2. I also need to update storygraph. I write reviews on Goodreads because of Goodreads group challenge but it’s been a while I write reviews on Storygraph. It feel so much to do after post goes up and I get lazy sometimes.

  3. I use GR and Story Graph (trying SG for the year so I can compare). I don’t write a full review for every book I read……if I feel meh about the book and know it won’t make the blog I just give a star and move on. I do love my GR shelves! When I write a GR review I don’t copy it over to SG….on SG I just check boxes and add TW which I love about SG! I also keep a personal spreadsheet (by the year) …one reason I started that is because I can track more categories than I have set up on GR. I add to the spreadsheet at the end of the month when I write my wrap up posts. Is always interesting to read a behind the scenes post!

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