My Favourite Places to Read

I love this week’s TTT topic! I cannot believe that I have been blogging for over four years and I have never shared my favourite places to read. Like many readers, I will read anywhere and everywhere, but these are my favourite places. I tried to include my own photos where I could, so you could see some of my favourite places!

Bubble Bath

If I had to choose my ultimate favourite place to read, it would hands down be in a bubble bath. I am one of those people who ends the day with a bath- it is so relaxing and is where I get my best reading done.

In Bed

I have a feeling that this will be on everyone’s list today! I love reading a few pages in bed before falling asleep, but my new favourite thing is waking up early and reading in bed before doing anything else. Well… I get a coffee first, of course!

On the Beach

I am so lucky to be spending time near the beach right now and it is a dream. The beach is my happy place, and I love people watching and reading at the same time. The sound of waves makes for the perfect background noise when reading!

Sitting in a Muskoka Chair

My family’s cottage is located along a river, and I always look forward to being able to sit out there on a Muskoka chair, or Adirondack chair if you aren’t Canadian. There is nothing like reading with the boats going by!

Sitting at the Kitchen Island

I usually eat breakfast at the kitchen island and will either read a book physically while I do so or will listen to an audiobook.

On the Deck

I spend a lot of time reading on the deck in the summer and into the fall. I especially love it when it rains because it is a covered, so I can read out there while listening to the rain without getting me or my book wet!

By the Pool

While I prefer the beach, I also enjoy reading poolside!

On a Walk

Of course, I don’t physically read when on a walk, but I do listen to audiobooks, with only own earbud though- for safety! I LOVE listening to thrillers while on a walk… I don’t know what that says about me!

In the Car

I really wish I were one of those people who, as a passenger, could read in the car, but I get SO carsick. I always have! Thank goodness for audiobooks!

Lying on the Couch

It is funny because I don’t actually read on the couch very often! If I am on the couch, I am probably watching TV. I do every once in awhile though!

Where is your favourite place to read? I would love to know!

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67 thoughts on “My Favourite Places to Read

  1. I love reading while having breakfast too, but and in bed. But I guess just about everyone reads in bed.
    I’ve never tried reading in a bath, but I just might try it. Seems nice.

  2. My favorite is reading on the sofa. I’ve tried reading in the library and coffee shops, but I get too distracted by others around me and that makes it difficult for me to be transported into the book’s world 🌞

  3. I’ve seen a surprising number of people who listed reading in cars and I’m defo jealous! If I didn’t get car sick after like 5 minutes I could read so much more all the time 😂 Audiobooks are the best though!

  4. Great run-down 😊 the only one I can’t really do is read in the bath. I’ve tried, but it’s too hot/steamy and I just want to close my eyes or listen to something playing in the background. Trains and planes are also perfect reading places 📚

  5. I love the idea of reading on a covered deck during the rain. I have a porch, but it’s not really covered and when it rains here in Arizona, it’s hot and muggy and I would get soaked to boot. We’ve been having lots of monsoon storms here lately and I have been enjoying listening to the rain while I read – indoors, with the air conditioning blasting 🙂

    Happy TTT!


  6. I will read anywhere. I love reading on the couch and I have just recently started listening to audio books in the car. I can’t read in the car because I do get carsick, but now that my kiddos are older and occupy themselves, I can put in headphones 🙂

  7. I love reading to the sound of rain. And I wondered for a moment what a Muskoka chair was and then saw Adirondack- ah got it! 🙂

  8. Same for me with reading in the car. I really don’t understand what is it. But thank god for audiobooks. Your list has so many amazing reading nooks. But reading near water always makes me anxious. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to my physical books or even my kindle. Bed is probably where I read the most, like almost everyone I know.

  9. I love your list. Reading on that deck whilst it’s raining just sounds perfect 😍 I love reading in a car but can’t for the life of me read on a plane. Ma favorite places are: reading on my balcony, in my favorite café, in my school library during my break.

  10. I read every evening before going to bed. I also enjoy getting up early and reading while having my morning coffee. In the fall, i especially enjoy reading on the porch.

  11. I read every evening before going to sleep. I also enjoy waking up early and reading while having my coffee. In the fall, I especially enjoy reading while sitting on the porch. Great list you have!

  12. I’m with you on the car sickness! My favourite place to read has been in bed but the bath is pretty great too. Especially when you’ve got a book that you can’t put down.

  13. I sometimes read on the couch but more in bed than anywhere else cos it helps me rest my back, relax and get comfortable.

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