10 Reasons I Love Reading

1. Escapism

When asked why we love reading I think the first thing that comes to most readers’ minds is that it is a way to escape. There is nothing more relaxing than diving into a good book! There are no outside distractions and it is the only thing I can focus on in the moment.

2. Allows Me to Become More Emphatic

Books often put us in the shoes of someone different than ourselves. We can be more emphatic of different people and experiences. I think reading has made me a better and more understanding person.

3. Challenges Me

Reading can challenge me in many ways, whether it is the subject matter or by challenging my perspective.

4. Teaches Me New Things

I have learn more through the books I read for pleasure more than I ever did in university or through assigned reading. I will often pick of a novel and will reading about a situation that is new to me and it will motivate me to google about it and learn more. I love when a book can do that!

5. Can Travel Without Leaving the Couch

I am not the biggest world travelling but I do like experiencing and seeing new things and places. Reading allows me to do that from the comforts of my own home. An introverts dream!

6. I Can Connect With Other Readers

Reading is not often considered a social activity, but there is nothing I love more than talking about books with readers both in real life and online. Reading has lead me to blogging, which has been amazing!

7. It’s Fun!

I mean I wouldn’t read if it wasn’t fun!

8. Broadens My Imagination

We often think of imagination as something that is important for children to explore, but I think it is just as important in adulthood! Reading is one of the best ways to broaden your imagination as an adult.

9. Improves My Vocabulary

I am a word nerd, so it’s always fun for me when I come across a word I haven’t heard of before when I am reading.

10. Nostalgia

Even seeing the cover of a book I loved or read at a certain time and place can bring me right back to that moment.

Why do you love reading?

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57 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Love Reading

  1. My number one reason would be escapism too. You have basically outlined all my reasons in your post 😂

  2. Your so right about all these things. There are many reasons why we choose to read. It’s fun, it’s educational, and honestly there’s no better way to pass the time on my commute to work. It’s so much better than wasting time scrolling through social media 🙂

  3. Great list! I actually keep a notebook full of vocabulary words I find while reading, and it’s fun when I find a book that uses a lot of words I don’t know. 🙂

  4. A thoughtful list… escapism is the first reason that comes to mind when I think about why I love reading. And I love how it expands my imagination. You make a great point on how reading can improve empathy, to show you how other people view the world. Something I don’t consider that often is the nostalgic part. And you’re right on about that. Some books can bring me back to reading them as a teenager, or during a vacation, etc. Lovely memories 🙂

  5. Readers definitely have bigger and better vocabularies than non-readers!

    Happy TTT!


  6. Escapism is big for me. I’ve always loved that about reading- and the visiting/ discovering other places too, both real and imaginary.

    Nostalgia is awesome too- I LOVE revisiting old favorites!

  7. I especially loved your reason #10 Nostalgia. I love it when a book makes me remember a time in my life. Great list.

  8. I agree with all of these! I didn’t think about the nostalgia factor, but I can absolutely relate. Books that I love can bring me back to the time and place I read them, especially those I’ve read on vacation or in a place other than home!
    My TTT

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