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I always enjoy reading other bloggers’ weekly updates, so I thought I would start sharing mine as well! I will talk about the books that I read during the week and the BookTube videos that I posted, and I will also share some of my favourite blog posts that I came across throughout the week!

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Klara and the Sun is one of the best books I have read so far this year and it has solidified Kazuo Ishiguro as one of my favourite authors. I have realized that I tend to love books about AI and that centers around ethical questions around them. I felt so connected with Klara and this book was incredibly bittersweet. If you enjoyed Never Let Me Go, I think you will get a similar feeling from Klara and the Sun.

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I thought that Second First Impressions was a sweet romance. After the intensity that was Klara and the Sun, Second First Impressions was exactly what I needed. It is not one that is entirely memorable or where I felt hugely connected to the actual romance, but I loved that it was set at a retirement village and there were some fun side characters. There was something about this story that felt simple and realistic- this could be a real love story!

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Wow! Abby Jimenez has official become one of my favourite romance authors. I always say that the second book in this series, The Happy Ever After Playlist, is up there as my favourite romance, but Life’s Too Short has somehow surpassed it! I just adored both of our main characters, Vanessa and Adrian. They were great together and apart. Be warned that this is not a light romance. There is a 50% chance that Vanessa has ALS, and this has shaped her whole life. She lost her sister to the diseases and this has had a huge impact on her entire family. It was a tough read at times but so beautifully done. It was also nice to get cameos of the characters from the other books in the series!

My BookTube Videos

I can’t believe I managed to put together a list of my top ten favourite books!

I am terrible about finishing series, and I hope that this video helps to change that!

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