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I always enjoy reading other bloggers’ weekly updates, so I thought I would start sharing mine as well! I will talk about the books that I read during the week and the BookTube videos that I posted, and I will also share some of my favourite blog posts that I came across throughout the week!

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I am so thankful to Libro fm for sending me an ALC of Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas. You probably know how much I adore their debut, Cemetery Boys, so I was really excited about this one. Unfortunately, it was just an okay read for me. I think because it is a Peter Pan retelling I went into it expecting it to be more whimsical. This is not set in Neverland and it reads more like a mystery/thriller, which was definitely interesting! I appreciated what Aiden Thomas did with these iconic characters and there were some interesting twists and turns. I will continue to read whatever Aiden Thomas writes!

Book Cover

The Gilded Ones found its way onto my favourite YA fantasy shelf! While the book isn’t perfect and left me with a lot of questions, I loved the conversations in here and the focus on female empowerment. I am so curious to see where the sequel goes because I have a feeling a lot more will be revealed!

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Favourite Blog Posts

Dee @ deereadsthings shared a plant haul, which just brought me so much joy! I think a lot of us surrounded ourselves with plants over this last year!

Semester Break (5)

Caro @ bookcheshirecat talked about all of the things that she plans to do during her semester break, which includes reading a lot of great books, participating in readathons, and catching up on a lot of media, from TV shows to podcasts. It was fun to read about all of her plans!

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. I listened to Lost in the Never Woods too and I agree, I went in with too high expectations and thought it would include Neverland, so I was left disappointed. I agree though I will continue to read what Aiden writes in the future, as I also loved Cemetery Boys!

  2. Lost in the Never Woods went right to my tbr when I saw it on GR. The cover! Bummer that you didn’t love it though. I might still try it.

    Happy reading!

  3. I totally forgot the premise for Lost in the Never Woods but I started reading the first few pages of the ARC and immediately got those mystery/thriller vibes. Very curious to see where it goes! Sorry to hear it didn’t live up to your expectations though!

  4. Enjoy your reading! I hope to read The Gilded Ones sometime soon!
    I’m about to start Baptism of Fire and listening to Take a Hint Dani Brown!


  5. Thank you so much for featuring my post!! 🥰 I’m happy to see that you loved The Gilded Ones, as I have an overdue arc that I would love to read, as I’ve heard such good things about this book 🙂

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