Why Do I Blog?

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This week’s topic is an interesting one and had me reflecting on my blogging journey and why I started in the first place and why I continue to love it. I am looking to reading everyone else’s thoughts on this.

When did you first start blogging and why?

I started in May of 2017 because I had an unpopular opinion about Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon and I wanted a space to share it. I had been reading blogs for years, so it seems like a natural thing to start one. I was also in search of a creative outlet, and blogging was the perfect fit. I never thought I would be here over three years later still doing this and loving it.

What keeps you motivated to continue? 

This is an interesting question. My motivation has ebbed and flowed over the years, but I have never thought about stopping completely. I think the community is what keeps me here and my love of talking about books. I have a bookstagram and I have started a Booktube channel (I will share it with you all soon!), but blogging is where my heart is. It allows me to be creative in a way that I love and I think that I can talk about books in more depth and in a way that you can’t on those other platforms.

Have you ever thought about not blogging anymore? 

As I said earlier, I really haven’t. There have been times where I struggled to come up with ideas and didn’t post as often as I do now, but I have never thought about completely walking away. Many bloggers who I adore have left over the last few years, which always makes me sad, but I completely get it! Blogging is a lot of work and free labour and I can understand why someone would fall out of love with it. Blogging burnout is a very real thing.

What would make you go on a hiatus for forever? 

To be honest, I am not sure. I cannot predict the future and life happens, so even though I cannot see myself leaving any time soon, I can’t say that it will never happen. If 2020 taught me anything it is that life is unpredictable! When I started my blog, I was worried that it would have an negative effect on my love of reading, but that has not happened so far. If it ever did, I would have to reevaluate what I am going because I never want to lose my passion for books and reading.

Do you have any specific plans for your blog this year, and if so, what are they?

Nothing comes to mind! I have plans for other aspects of my bookish life, but my blog is the one thing that I am happy with and I wouldn’t change too much. I would love to write more discussion posts like this one and I have thinking about doing a redesign, but if that doesn’t happen I won’t be upset.

If you are also a blogger, I would love to hear your thoughts on any of these questions!

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31 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. I love that you’re starting 2021 with a new endeavor, Booktube could use more bloggers 🙌🏽 we’re usually the ones who get wind of bookish news before the masses. I also love that you plan to keep the blog as I’ve also seen many of my friends leave and it does feel a bit different. These discussion posts are a great way to start the morning 🤗💕

  2. I love this self-reflective post haha! I have really enjoyed my first year of blogging and it’s nice to see people still enjoying it after doing it for years.

  3. I think the community is the best part for me as well!
    I will just continue blogging until I do not enjoy doing it anymore haah!


      1. Same!,! The twist made me so angry! It caught me by surprise and I felt punked and would have thrown the book out if I had a physical copy! I’m happy to know that someone felt the same way. I thought I was the only one because everyone loves it!

  4. Can’t wait to hear about your booktube channel!
    For me, I love the community and I love having a creative outlet where I can just write and write and write about something that I love so much 🙂 Blogging has definitely helped to keep me sane this past year.

  5. I agree very much with your answers! It also makes me sad, when a blogger, whose posts I love, stop blogging. But I totally get it. Anyway, I might do this tag as well, if I find the time. 🙂

  6. I loved reading your answer and I can definitely relate to what you’ve written. I’m just coming up on my two-year anniversary and I’m still loving it and haven’t thought about stopping anytime soon! The community is definitely what has me wanting to stick around for as long as possible 😊 Looking forward to checking out your booktube when it’s public. I’m sure it’ll be great 😃

  7. This post reminded me that I have been trying to maintain a blog since my senior year in HS but I kept going into indefinite hiatuses. 🙃 I might actually try to do a post like this (or not), and so thank you for sharing. I hope you continue your journey here though. I’m really old-school and most of the time prefer reading posts like this than watching videos. 😅

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