Bookish Pumpkins

As Halloween is going to look different this year, I thought it might be fun to share some bookish pumpkins with you that may inspire you to try something new this year! Most of these are way outside my skillset (okay all of them are!), but they are so fun to look at!

Do you carve pumpkins? Do you have any go-to designs? I am thinking about painting pumpkins this year. I found some inspiration on Pinterest, and I will update you and let you know how it goes! Here is what I am going to attempt to do:

Drip Painting No Carve Pumpkin DIY for Halloween - Endless creativity and gorgeous!

Doesn’t that look cool?! And I think it is relatively easy.

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35 thoughts on “Bookish Pumpkins

  1. I have never carved a pumpkin and honestly wouldn’t know where to start. I am not very good at arty things so it would very probably be a disaster. My brother on the other hand is absolutely brilliant. He takes requests each year from his nieces with last year’s the Golden Snitch and a mermaid. I’m very jealous of people who can do this.

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  2. I would love the idea of carving pumpkins; but the idea of the mess involved and me lacking any creativeness for it keeps me from doing it. I’d probably just carve random pumpkin faces in them. I wish I had the skill set to do bookish related pumpkins though!

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  3. All of the bookish pumpkins look so cool! And the painted ones are so interesting as well!! I always carve pumpkins with my family, but I’ve never painted one. I think that my sister has though!

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