Fallish Book Covers

Talking about book covers is one of my favourite things! That is why I love this week’s TTT topic so much. Today I am sharing ten book covers that screen fall to me, whether it is because of the colours, the design, or the vibe. I have read all of these books and recommend them, especially Cemetery Boys, The Travelling Cat Chronicles, and In the Dream House.


What is your favourite fall-themed book cover?

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44 thoughts on “Fallish Book Covers

  1. Ooh nice list! I can’t believe I forgot Cemetery Boys for my list 😦 I can’t stop associating autumn with Halloween specifically, and my favorite covers are probably the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark ones haha. They’re just so creepy and feel perfect for reading this time of year.

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  2. Love these covers so much! I had the Traveling Cat Chronicles on my fall themed cover list also, but for my TBR. How did you like the Ruth Ware book? I just got Turn of the Screw in the mail, but have no experience with her books. Happy reading 🙂

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  3. Beautiful covers! I’ve only read Be Not Far From Me and really liked it! I am currently reading Cemetery Boys and really enjoying it so far though.

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  4. I suspect Cemetery Boys is going to end up on my forever TBR, argh. I just have so many books to read and so many new releases, I’ve barely kept up with the last few months! It sounds SO good though.

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