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Anyone who has been on twitter within the last week will have seen some discussions about book bloggers and how they do not get the respect that they deserve for all of the time and energy that put into each and every post. I know that I could be better at sharing posts from my fellow bloggers, so I plan to make this a weekly feature where I share some of my favourite posts of the week!

how to support bloggers

Sumedha @ The Wordy Habitat shared a very timely post about how non-bloggers can support their blogger friends, and I thought that she came up with some extremely helpful and practical tips.

Maria @ ReadingMaria has started a new series where she compares her current read to the book that she was reading at this time last year. I thought that this was such a fun idea, and it turns out that we were both reading the same book around this time in 2019! Check out her post to find out which one! I am thinking about participating in this series as well.

Liv @ Curlyhairbibliophile shared five non-fiction books on her TBR, and this was a good reminder for me that I need to start reading more non-fiction. Normally I read a couple non-fiction titles a month, but I have been slacking lately. I adore non-fiction, but I have been distracted by fiction these last couple months! I loved one of the books on her list and a few of the others are on my TBR.

Alyssa @ Ream ’em and Weep shared her favourite young adult and adult novel for every genre. It was so fun to go through her favourites and to see some books that I also loved. She inspired me to try and come up with my own favourites for each genre but it is so difficult! Hopefully you will see a similar post from me in the future.


Sarah Jane @ Weaving Fiction wrote a very helpful post about three places to start if you want to get into the Star Wars novels. I am a newer Star Wars fan, and I have been curious about the books, but there are so many and it is overwhelming. I think I may start with her second suggestion!

There are so many blog posts that I love each and every week, so this is just a fraction of the ones that stood out to me!

What was your favourite blog post of the week and/or do you have a post of your own that you are proud of? Leave a link in the comments!

27 thoughts on “Blog Posts I Loved This Week

  1. Thank you for the feature!! Love this idea of sharing blog posts to promote fellow book bloggers. I may have to get into this 🥰

  2. This is such a good idea! I’ve been thinking about doing this as well. I also need to get better about sharing more of my favorites on socials! That’s something I’m putting into practice soon 🙂

      1. Yeah, no kidding. I’m not on Insta much anymore because it was so hard to find people and actually share things.

  3. It’s been so lovely seeing the heightened book blogger love lately, and I’m so glad that you’re making this a regular feature 😄!

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