My Favourite Tier Ranking Videos on Booktube

Earlier this week, I shared a post ranking all of the YA novels I have read since I started blogging. That seemed to go over well (look out for more in the future). I got the idea from Booktube, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite tier ranking Booktube videos. I am always in awe of people’s creativity, and these are really fun.

Just Angus ranked all of the Booktube drama over the years from most important tea to stupid tea. This video was just plain entertaining, and, while I was aware of a lot of the drama, there was a lot that I missed. This was the first video of Angus’ that I watched, but I am looking forward to more from him.

BooksandLala never disappoints! She goes through a bunch of different rankings in this video, everything from ranking her favourite books to ranking book with food on their covers. She is incredibly creative and has provided me with a lot of inspiration for my future tier ranking posts!

Brittany & Books has ranked all of Booktube’s favourite books, which is a great idea. This is something I wouldn’t mind doing myself, but I find I am reading less and less hyped books this days. Maybe I am scared of being burned? But I know there are some amazing books that deserve the hype and I don’t want to miss out.

Irish Reader (one of my faves!) has ranked a bunch of YA book characters. I love the idea of rating characters, and I am playing around with different ideas. He also has a part two of this video, which I have not watch yet but am looking forward to!

That is it for now! There are so many of these videos on Booktube and I am slowly making my way through them. I am nosy, so I am always interested in hearing people’s opinions- the good and the bad!

Who is your favourite Booktuber?

13 thoughts on “My Favourite Tier Ranking Videos on Booktube

  1. Just Angus’s video was so so good. Also I found out about a lot of drama I didn’t even know Happened lol. And yes booksandlala is amazing. My favourite booktuber is kat from paperbackdreams. ❤ This was such a fun post too! Take care. ❤❤

  2. Hey Kristin! Thanks for compiling these videos 🙂 I watch booktube from time to time but haven’t really delved in. Glad to have a few more booktubers to follow!

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