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Halloween is quickly approaching and I feel like there are a million spooky tags that I still need to do! I found this one on Shannon’s blog, Simply Enchanting Books. I just recently followed her and I am so happy to have found her blog! I’m actually inspired to share some of the great blogs I have found lately, so look out for that.

What are your favorite Halloween movies?

So cliché, but I am so not a horror movie person, so my favourite has to be Hocus Pocus. I have watched it every October for at least the last fifteen years. Another favourite is Practical Magic–I also adore the book and its prequel, The Rules of Magic. Give me all the cheesy witchy movies!

What is your favorite Halloween book?

As a just mentioned, I love The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman. It is my favourite book about witches. It is so charming and I love that it follows the aunts from Practical Magic. It is an interesting look at sibling relationships as well. I really should reread it!

What other Halloween books would you recommend?

There are so many, it really depends on what you are looking for. My favourite thriller is probably You by Caroline Kepnes- it really messes with your head. My favourite horror has to be Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand- so feminist and badass! You can’t go wrong with either of Sarah Perry’s novels if you are in the mood for something atmospheric and Gothic.

Do you own any Halloween ugly sweaters?

I don’t! My ugly sweater collection is exclusively Christmas-related. This question has made me fall down the rabbit hole of ugly Halloween sweaters so I will share some I would love to get my hands on!

What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes?

I was lifesavers (the candy) for three years in a row when I was a kid, don’t ask me why! These days, I love any punny or pop culture related costumes. Here are some of my favourites:

What are you doing for Halloween this year?

I will be giving out Halloween candy with my best friend, as is our tradition. We get anywhere from 130-150 trick-or-treaters so it’s really fun. I love seeing all of the costumes and who gets scared of our decorations.

What is your favorite childhood Halloween memory?

Halloween was my favourite holiday when I was a kid. All my neighbourhood friends (who remain my closests friends to this day) would get together and trick-or-treat with our dads. I live in Canada so it was often freezing but we didn’t care!

27 thoughts on “All About Halloween Book Tag

  1. How fun! I don’t think I’ve ever even seen an ugly Halloween sweater lol. I’ve seen some interesting Christmas ones though. 😂 I’m going to add on Practical Magic for this season. Can’t remember the last time I saw it. Cool tag! 🎃

  2. This is a great tag idea, I may have to do it too! Hocus Pocus is also one of my favorite Halloween movies as well, I’ve probably watched it 10 times already. Also love those costume ideas, they are awesome!!

  3. I feel you with the freezing for Halloween … yay Canada Halloween lol! I think my favourite movies would be Casper, Coraline and Gremlins. But I honestly love so many! My friends always did themes in undergrad. My favourites were Three Musketeers and Mario/Luigi. When we did the Three Musketeers, we all picked a character and acted the part the ENTIRE night ha-ah! Mario and Luigi was a HUGE hit.

    1. I am hoping this year isn’t too cold! I used to trick-or-treat and there were huge snowbanks. We had to put our costumes over a snowsuit!

      Ah I love Casper!

      My roommates in uni would all dress in themes too! We were all holidays one year and I was Easter. So random!

  4. Ooh those are my Halloween movies too. For years it was Hocus Pocus then I switched to Practical Magic, although I still need to read the book and it’s prequel. I really want to read some of the other books that you mentioned too. And getting that many trick or treaters seems impossible to me – I think we’ve had none for the last three years or so 😅 I guess it’s due to it not being as big over here.

  5. Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic are amazing!! I just read Practical Magic and loved it just as much as the movie. I’m hoping to read Hocus Pocus before the week is up. Loved this!

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