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I am so surprised that I have been blogging for two year and I just now getting around to sharing my favourite Booktubers. I discovered Booktube many years ago, probably 2012 or 2013. It is one of the things that I credit for truly reigniting my passion for reading after finishing my undergrad. I have read a lot of amazing books because of Booktube and whenever I tend to watch a couple videos every day. There are many Booktubers I adore, but the ones I am talking about today are the ones I watch most consistently.


I think of all the Booktubers I watch, Simon has given me the most book recommendations. Our reading tastes align in many ways. He tends to read literary fiction, memoirs, and historical fiction- my three favourite genres. I also just adore his personality and he is someone who is comforting to watch. Watching his videos is like listening to a friend.

Read with Cindy

There is something about Cindy’s personality that I am just drawn to. I love that she is sarcastic and always honest. She does not hold back on her opinions and it is honestly refreshing to see!

Books and Lala

I think most people who make a list like this one talk about Books and Lala, and it is for good reason! I have been watching her for years and it has been awesome to see how her channel has grown. I am in awe of her endless creativity and it is so inspiring to me! She is one of those Booktubers who has a completely different reading taste than me, but that does not stop me from loving her. I watch her for her! I also love that she is a Canadian.

Gavin Hetherington

Gavin is a newer discovery for me but I have quickly fallen in love with him. He is just so sweet and entertaining! He often dresses up in costumes and sings Disney song- just so fun. If you need something to put a smile on your face, I encourage you to watch one of his videos. Also, if you are looking for good middle grade recommendations this is the place to go. He is even putting together a children’s/middle grade readathon.


Heather was the first Booktuber I found and I have watched her consistently ever since! I even won one of her giveaways way back in the day. She is another Booktuber who is just so sweet and genuine. She is also very relatable and you just want to be friends with her. She reads a lot of contemporary so when I am in the mood for something like that I know I can count on her for a great recommendation.

Books with Emily Fox

Another Canadian Booktuber who I just adore! Emily is very well spoken, honest, and creative. She is my go-to person for SciFi recommendations (I have her to thank for making me read Sleeping Giants- my favourite series), but she reads a wide variety of genres. I look forward to her wrap-ups every month!

Chelseadolling Reads

I am a sucker for a good reading vlog, and Chelsea’s are some of my favourites! She also introduced me to The Hating Game, so I will forever be grateful. That is the book that made me realize I do enjoy contemporary romance and Chelsea has the best recommendations!


I am always on the hunt for new Booktubers to watch. I would love to hear your favourites!kkbLogo


31 thoughts on “My Favourite Booktubers

  1. I’ve been meaning to do the same post for ages! I also adore Simon, Cindy, Kayla, and Emily – the others you mentioned I haven’t watched yet. I’m also obsessed with Emily’s beauty channel – I don’t even watch any other beauty vloggers, but I love Emily’s personality and we have really similar skin types so I get so many recs off her.

    I have so many booktube faves that it’s going to be hard to narrow it down when I do make this post, but if you haven’t watched Jean @ Bookish Thoughts, Laura Wade, or lucythereader, I think you’d really like them!

  2. I LOVE seeing these blog posts because I always discover new booktubers whenever I click on them! I don’t watch any of these aside from Cindy and Lala (obviously). I’m definitely going to check some of them out πŸ™‚

    I’ve done I think two versions of this post but I think at this rate I need to do another update!

  3. Cindy is so funny and I love that she doesn’t take it to seriously πŸ™‚ Emily Fox is great for recommendations I get a lot of mystery and thrillers from her as well. I love Francina Simone’s commentary and discussion videos especially on book controversies and Jeans Bookishthoughts is probably where I get most of my recommendations!

  4. I’ve been looking to get into Booktube for a while, and I think this is the push that’ll finally get me into it! Starting this blog has gotten me into the dark side of Goodreads and Booktube and I am LOVING IT

  5. I love Booktube. I watch it since 2013. Unfortunately, since then, many of my favorites have stopped filming (like Dana from TheBookHoearder or Max from WellDoneBooks) or disappeared completely (PixieTonic). Now I usually watch Emily Fox, GirlyGirlBookWorm, Riley Marie and I enjoy reading vlogs by PeruseProject.

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