August Non-Bookish Favourites

I have decided to start doing monthly non-bookish favourites. I think it is fun to talk about things other than books on this blog every once in awhile, and I figured this was a great way to do it! I will talk about all of the movies, TV shows, music, food, etc I loved during the month.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service

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No surprise here, but Rocketman came out on DVD in August and I have already watched it twice more. Taron Egerton is absolutely fantastic in it, and it got me thinking about another one of his movies that I adore- Kingsman! Of course, I then had to rewatch it for the millionth time. I often say that it is in my top ten favourite movies and that is still the case. There is something so clever and hilarious about it. Cracks me up every single time. It’s also surprisingly charming!

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I wasn’t sure what I was getting in to when I started watching Diagnosis, but wow it has been eyeopening and frightening. The concept behind the show is very interesting. The host, Lisa Sanders M.D., appeals to the crowd (people around the world) to help to diagnosis difficult cases. I was so inspired by the show that I also listened to the audiobook by the same name which is written and narrator by Dr. Sandera. She is an incredible woman!

Queer Eye- Season 4

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I talk about Queer Eye every single time a new season is released and I think I will continue to do so as long as they keep making the show. It is such a sweet show that gives me all of the feels. I don’t think any show has made me cry so many happy tears since I used to watch Extreme Home Makeover. The dynamics between the Fab 5 is so freaking charming! I have already read Tan’s book, Naturally Tan, and really enjoyed it. I can not wait to get my hands on the rest of their books. My only complaint is why doesn’t Bobby have a book deal?!

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I haven’t listened to an entire Taylor Swift album since Speak Now, but something compelled me to give Lover a chance. There are a lot of gems on there, but The Archer stood out to me and is my favourite song of hers in quite some time.

To be honest, I have been listening to so many audiobooks and podcasts lately that my music game is lacking. Please share some of your recent favourite songs in the comments!

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Physicians Formula- The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm

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I have been searching high and low for an affordable cleansing balm that actually works, and I can confidentially say that my search is over. The Perfect Matcha effectively and gently removes all of my makeup without leaving any sort of film on my skin. For under $15, you can not go wrong!

Coppa Italian Strawberry Sorbet


What makes this strawberry sorbet Italian you might ask? Well, it contains balsamic vinegar! I know that may sounds gross, but hear me out- it is absolutely delicious! It adds an extra layer of flavour which makes this unlike any other sorbet I have ever had. I would seriously buy this by the vatful if I could. Also, how cute is this ice cream shop? I adore it!

The beach

I have been lucky enough to have had spent the entirety of August at the beach. I am even more thrilled that I will now be here for all of September as well. This is my favourite place in the world and I am never happier than when I am here. There is something so relaxing about being by the beach, even if I am doing the same things here as I would be doing at home.


Have you watched, listened to, or tried any of my favourites? What was your favourite non-bookish thing this month?


23 thoughts on “August Non-Bookish Favourites

  1. QUEER EYE! I only have one more episode left of season 4. I honestly love that show … it’s my “faith restored in humanity” show. I also love the Kingsman movies! I’ve seen the first two (I think there’s another one releasing by it’s a prequel) and I laughed SO hard!

    Great post!

  2. That matcha cleansing balm looks delightful! I only watched the first episode of Diagnosis but not really a huge fan of it. Might continue the rest of the episodes with my friends too 🙂

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