Five Books Under 300 Pages!

I often talk about my love for shorter books. I am always in awe of what some writers can accomplish is so few pages. That I why I love this week’s topic! The following are simple five of the books that are under 300 pages that I have loved recently.

There There by Tommy Orange


There There just makes the cut at 294 pages! Every single page of this book is brilliant and poignant. There are so many characters in this novel and you somehow come to know them so well in so few pages. It is quite genius! This is one of those shorter books that has a lot of important things to say. A must read in my mind!

The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

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I am so happy that this book is 288 pages because it gives me another excuse to gush about it! The Travelling Cat Chronicles is fighting for my best book of the year spot.. it is just so heartwarming and crushing at the same time. I have enjoyed all of the Japanese translated novels that I have read so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!

Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado


Her Body and Other Parties is probably my favourite short story collection and it is only 224 pages. I have grown to appreciate it more as time as come by. Carmen Maria Machado has a lot of interesting things to say about women and their bodies in this collection and a lot of it has really stayed with me. Each of the stories is unique and not quite like anything else I have ever read. I also heard that it was being made in to a TV series- that should be interesting!

The Nickels Boys by Colson Whitehead

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Colson Whitehead has become an autobuy author for me. He has a special way of making me attached to the story and the characters, and then ripping the carpet right out from under me and breaking my heart. The fact that The Nickel Boys is based on a true story makes in that much more hut-wrenching. I can not believe it is only 224 pages– so much happens in that time.

Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

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I have talked about my love for Ghost Wall quite a few times now! It is just such a special book- and it is only 152 pages! I have never had a book that is so few pages bring out so much emotion in me- everything from sadness to complete angry! Sarah Moss is a genius!


Do you prefer longer or shorter books? What is the best book that you read that is under 300 pages?kkbLogo

22 thoughts on “Five Books Under 300 Pages!

  1. Ghost Wall really packs a punch considering it’s so short! I wasn’t completely sold on Her Body & Other Parties but there are definitely a few stories that stuck with me. I’ll have to check out your other three recommendations. Great post!

  2. Just finished There There a couple days ago, and oh man, it had me crying. Absolutely loved it. Beautiful book. So interested in The Nickel Boys! Loved the Underground Railroad, and looking forward to this one.

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