July Non-Bookish Favourites

I have decided to start doing monthly non-bookish favourites. I think it is fun to talk about things other than books on this blog every once in awhile, and I figured this was a great way to do it! I will talk about all of the movies, TV shows, music, food, etc I loved during the month.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Spider-Man has never been my favourite character, but I absolutely adore Tom Holland’s version. He brings a refreshing charm and naivety to the character. I thought that Far From Home was just as hilarious and entertaining as the first movie.

The Lion King

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I was nervous about the new The Lion King but I am happy to report that I really enjoyed it. It definitely has the charming and heartbreaking moments of the original. I have to shout out Seth Rogen who made an absolutely perfect Pumba! I will say that I wish that some of the songs were longer.

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American Ninja Warrior

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I look forward to American Ninja Warrior every summer and I do not know why I love it so much! I think it is motivating to see someone work so hard towards a goal. Many of the contestants have a lot of heart and are fighting for something. Their stories often bring me to tears!

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Tip of My Tongue- Kenny Chesney

There is something about the summertime that makes me want to listen to country music. Tip of My Tongue by Kenny Chesney is definitely the one that I have been playing on repeat lately- it is just so sweet!

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Rocky: The Musical

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The town where I spend most of the summer actually has some pretty amazing local theater. I was not sure what to make of Rocky being turned in to a musical but it totally works! I do not think I have ever had so much fun at the theater! It was perfect and I am tempted to see it again!


Image result for scrunchies

Can I just say that I am so happy that the scrunchy is back? I used to love them as a kid and it brings me so much nostalgia to be wearing them again. They are also really cute and add a little something to a simply ponytail.



I have had a bookstagram since I started blogging over two years ago but I never took is very seriously! For some reason I really have embraced it this month and it has been a blast. I would love to follow you and interact more!


Have you watched, listened to, or tried any of my favourites? What was your favourite non-bookish thing this month?


34 thoughts on “July Non-Bookish Favourites

  1. Love this! When I started my blog, I debated on whether it should be all books or not. I went with a focus on books/writing, but will delve into other stuff from time to time. Also I love a good scrunchie. So happy they’re back in – they’re so much better for your hair!

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  2. Same here on American Ninja Warrior! I am so hooked on that show. I keep wondering why. No one else I know watches it, but I’m hooked and am hoping to go to a live taping of it one day if possible.

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  3. Yaasss! Saw β€œThe Lion King” recently as well. Glad you enjoyed it’s mix of funny and emotional moments; did you tear up as much I did or am I just a crybaby? πŸ˜› Haha I also liked the soundtrack.

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  4. OHMYGOSH I’M THE SAMEEEEE!!! Spider-Man was probs my least fave character & I honestly didn’t care about him at all until Tom Holland took on the role & now I will literally LAY DOWN MY LIFE FOR THAT SWEET LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL 😍 Also I’d heard such mixed reviews of the Lion King but I actually really enjoyed it too, glad you felt the same way! 😊

    Hope you have a fantastic August!

    πŸ’› Ngoc

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  5. Haha I love scrunchies! I have SUPER thick hair and using regular ties leave those marks in my hair and they’re just too tight. I don’t wear my hair up often but I like scrunchies to just hang around the house or when I’m washing my face πŸ™‚

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