March Non-Bookish Favourites

Non-BookishFavourites of 2017 (1)

I have decided to start doing monthly non-bookish favourites. I think it is fun to talk about things other than books on this blog every once in awhile, and I figured this was a great way to do it! I will talk about all of the movies, TV shows, music, food, etc I loved during the month.

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Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel was so good! There was so much that I loved about it- the badass lead, the chemistry between Brie Larson and Samual L Jackson, the 90s references, Goose the cat, and more.  Her powers are epic and I can not wait to see her in Endgame. The after credits scenes really made me excited for the Avengers.  I have not been this hyped for a movie in a long time.

Dead Poets Society

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I mentioned last month that I am rewatching House, and I realized that the actor who plays Wilson is in Dead Poets Society. I loved this movie when I was in high school.  I remember everyone would say Carpe Diem constantly.  Oh man, I forgot how sad this movie is. The acting is phenomenal (duh! It is Robin Williams!) and I love the dynamics between all the characters.

Five Feet Apart

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I knew this was going to be an emotional movie.. but wow! I can not remember the last time I went to a movie and people in the theatre were weeping.  There was not a dry eye in the ladies washroom after the movie.  I just adore Cole Sprouse, and this movie reminded me why.

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Queer Eye Season Three

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This show just keeps getting better and better.  I love every single member of the Fab 5 and they are each so unique.  I love watching them interact with one another.  They are changing lives and bringing awareness.  Truly powerful.

Family Cooking Showdown Season Two

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I enjoyed the first season on this show, but I think I prefer the format of season two.  It is like Great British Bake Off but not just baking.  The challenges are interesting and I love seeing all of the families interact and cheer each other on.  Just plain fun!

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Baby Please Don’t Stop by Emma Bunton

I was always a Baby Spice girl and to this day Emma Bunton is one of my idols.  She is just so radiate and positive.  I adore her so much.  I also continue to love her music.  She released a few new singles and Baby Please Don’t Stop is my favourite. I love her sound and this song has a James Bond vibe to it- which is awesome!

Here in Your Arms by Hellogoodbye

A fellow blogger pointed out that this song was finally available on Canadian Spotify and I squealed from excitement.   Here in Your Arms was the soundtrack of my high school life.  I listened to it repeatedly, and hearing it now brings me so much nostalgia.  It is almost bittersweet!

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

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I have loved Animal Crossing since it came out on Nintendo Game Cube. I was excited to hear that it was being made in to an app and downloaded it the day it released. I was disappointed by it and hadn’t played it since.  I decided to check it out again this month, and they have added so many updates to the game.  I love it now! It is a fun way to relax for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

BH Cosmetics Palette- Shaaanxo The Remix

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I have always really liked Shaaanxo so when I say her palette at Marshalls for $8 I snatched it up.  I wasn’t expecting to much from it, but it blew me away.  The colour selection is perfect.  It has everything that I need- neutrals with pops of fun colours.  I think the purple in this palette is my favourite purple that I own.  They are always pigmented and longlasting.  If you can get your hands on this palette I highly recommend it.

Honey Bunches of Oats Apple and Cinnamon

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I know that it is kind of boring to talk about cereal, but trust me- this will be the best cereal you have ever tasted.  It is so flavorful and there is something comforting about it.  They do not cheap out on the cinnamon either! I am going to go pour myself a bowl right now…


29 thoughts on “March Non-Bookish Favourites

  1. I heard Baby Please Don’t Stop by Emma Bunton on the radio yesterday and I knew it was her but I didn’t realise she’d brought out any new music. I was never really a Spice Girls fan growing up but I always liked her the most and I listened to a lot of her solo stuff. She’s still one of the reasons why I do listen to the odd bit of pop music now and again.

      1. Well, what kind of a message the film sends out? If one cannot follow a life path one wants, one can just do away with one’s life and make a statement. This way one can become a “hero” in a way. This message is a very dangerous one to send out to the public in many ways. Yes, it is a work of fiction, but it has an effect. And the result is not showing strength, it is showing weakness. Sorry for this negativity, but I just think this also must be said.

  2. Great to hear that you enjoyed Captain Marvel – I haven’t seen it yet and am a little sceptical… I did see Us and LOVED it! My friends and I were almost dissecting it frame by frame afterwards!

  3. I was a hugeeeee Spice Girls fan back in the day and I HAD NO IDEA EMMA BUNTON WAS DOING SOLO MUSIC so this just changed my life, THANK YOU! I need to go listen to this asap and ahhhh I’m SO excited!

    Also. I love cereal so I will be trying that one out – thanks for the rec!!!

  4. YESSS CAPTAIN MARVEL! I’ll admit I didn’t even really want to see it – I don’t know why, it just didn’t appeal to me that much (which is weird because I love Marvel movies) but now I think it’s actually my favorite Marvel movie. It was soooo good. I’m so much more excited for Endgame now.

  5. Ahhh, Dead Poets Society is such a good movie! I really should re-watch it soon!
    I also watched Captain Marvel recently and I completely agree that it made me super hyped for Endgame. I’m not really a big fan of the Marvel movies, but I always find myself watching them just so I can discuss it with my friends. We don’t have similar movie tastes (I mostly watch rom-coms lol) and so it’s hard to find something in common to talk about, but with the Marvel movies we can all just gush or rant together and it’s a lot of fun! For Captain Marvel, the consensus was: it’s a fun movie – not as good as Wonder Woman, though – and Goose the Cat is the true star of the cast!
    As for Five Feet Apart, I saw a lot of people talking about how emotional it is but I don’t know if it is my cup of tea exactly. It sounds moving, but it gave me Everything, Everything vibes and I really didn’t like that one, so I’m not sure if it will be worth giving it a shot. Nonetheless, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so much!
    Hope you have an amazing April! 😌

    1. It’s almost like you need to watch the Marvel movies just to know what everyone is talking about. Goose was definitely the star!

      For what it’s worth, I very much disliked Everything, Everything (I have only read the book) and really enjoyed Five Feet Apart! I think it’s worth watching if it ends up on Netflix or something in the future!

  6. I had such an “OMG” moment when I read that Wilson from House was in Dead Poet’s Society. No wonder he has always looked so familiar, I just couldn’t pinpoint from where, and I was too lazy to search! I love that movie so much. Also, Here in Your Arms was my jam for years when it came out–I’m now going to listen to it again 🥰

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