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I discovered something while searching my shelves for this week’s post- a lot of book spines are boring, especially when compared their covers.  I wish this were not the case considering the fact that the spine is what you see when books are on the shelf.  The spines I am featuring today are beautiful but it took me forever to find five that I truly loved.


The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

IMG_20190304_1527145 (1).jpg

I love a red spine; they really stand out! I can think of maybe five books on my shelves that have a read spine.  I love that the railroad tracks on the front cover continue on to the spine and the back cover.  It gives you a little hint of what the book is about.  Simple, yet effective!

The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai


The colour scheme on this spine is completely unique and very much appeals to me.  There is a magical quality to it.  I love the ribbon of silver that weaves through the design.

The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin


This is hands down my favourite spine because the designer took that time to create a separately graphic specifically for the spine.  It is eye-catching and absolutely beautiful. Some people might find it a little busy, but I love it!

Less by Andrew Sean Greer


This spine is so simple but something about it very much appeals to me.  I think it is because the way the the title of the book is orientated- there is no other book on my shelf that has the title written vertically this way.  It really makes the book stand out on my shelf in a surprising way.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green


This is another case where the colour combination really appeals to me.  The neon green letter against the blue background really pops! It is something different from the usually black or white font colour.  I also love the font type that the designer chose.


42 thoughts on “Beautiful Book Spines

  1. Oh great post,!
    I’m struck by the fact it’s surprising how many spines are boring compared to the cover when in the long term that’s how they are going to stand out on shelves.
    Lovely choices:

  2. ooh that Queen of Hearts spine gives me serious heart eyes! I also like the spine of The great Believers, and my boyfriend just bought that book so I get to look at it being pretty on his shelf every day now yayy lol.

  3. Love beautiful spines! I’m reading The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves, which has a pretty plain cream-colored front but a beautiful pastel-colored spine and I’m so in love with it. And great point with Less – I can’t think of any books on my shelf either with the title written vertically! Very unique.

  4. Great post!

    What a fun idea for a post!

    I really want to read Less and An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, this year. I’ve heard both books are really great.

  5. Fun post! Having listened to the audiobook, I hadn’t realized how much the colors pop on The Great Believers cover – “magical” describes it perfectly.

      1. It was good! There are two storylines in it, one in the 80s about the AIDS epidemic, which I liked a lot, and one in the present, which is solid but not as good.

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