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What a great topic! I always love talking about badass female characters! The characters I am highlighting in those post are all badass in different ways and in their own right.  You do not need to be an assassin or a wizard in order to be a badass!

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice

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Elizabeth Bennet may not be the typical “badass,” but she was the first character to pop in to my head when I saw the topic for this week.  She is witty, independent, and not afraid to speak her mind.  That is pretty phenomenal considering Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813!  There is so much a love and admire about her and she in the definition of badass in my mind.

Genesis from Genesis Begins Again

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Genesis Begins Again is one of my favourite middle-grade novels, and the main reason for that is Genesis herself.  I think so many young girls would relate to and be inspired by her.  She struggles with insecurities, her home life, and making friends, but she really comes into her own throughout the novel in a way that felt realistic and honest.  It was a joy to read! She truly is a little badass and I was cheering her on from the sidelines!

Rin from The Poppy War

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I feel like I have been talking about Rin a lot lately, but I couldn’t leave her off this list! She is a badass in the traditional sense in that she fights in a war, and has lethal maigcal powers, but it some of her other qualities that made her a badass in my eyes.  She is so incredibly brave and determined.  She is a peasant girl who puts in the work and studies her butt off to overcome the odds and get accepted in to an elite military school. That is impressive!

Al the women from Women Talking

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Women Talking is based on a true story, and I often find myself thinking of the real behind the story.  It is about a group of Mennonite women who have been drugged and attacked by the men in their community.  This book is about them coming together and decided where to go from here.  I can not imagine being in their position.  I am in awe of their strength and I love that Miriam Toews gave them a voice. Complete badasses!

Millie from Dumplin’ and Puddin’

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Millie is a badass in a more subtle, and kinder way! In many ways she comes of as naive, but deep down she is so strong and one of the most kind-hearted characters I have ever read about.  She is not afraid to completely put herself out there, as you will know if you have read or watched the movie Dumplin’.  I actually preferred Puddin’ because Millie is the main character and I am just so charmed by her!


30 thoughts on “Bad Ass Female Characters

  1. I basically came by to say the same as most; Elizabeth Bennet was a great addition to the list! I haven’t read the others but I’ll take your word for it, they sound pretty bad ass 🙂 awesome post

  2. I completely agree that Elizabeth Bennet is a total badass 😀 And I can’t wait to read The Poppy War and discover how amazing Rin is for myself! I haven’t read Dumplin’ but I saw the movie (bad, I know), and I completely agree based on that that Millie is super badass in her own way 🙂 <3

  3. Love your choices here! Especially Elizabeth and Millie 🙂 I get tired of seeing the badass female characters as the snarky assassins who generally just hate on women like the first two!

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