Quarterly Wrap Up

I don’t normally post quarterly wrap ups, but I started using a spreadsheet created by Ali from The Hardback Hoarder and it is amazing! It makes it easy to track all of these stats, so why not share them with you?


Literary Fiction0
Magical Realism3
True Crime0

I am not surprised that fantasy is my most read genre so far this year! I can definitely feel that and I would love to diversify my reading a little bit more. I do love fantasy but I feel like I am neglecting some of my favourite genres, such as historical fiction and literary fiction.

I am thrilled that I have read 10 SciFi novels so far because it is a genre I have always loved but overlooked in the past. I love that I am falling in love with it again!

Another genre I have embraced recently is horror and I am really starting to learn my taste when it comes to horror. I leaned more towards SciFi horror, Gothic horror, and anything with a haunted house. I love that a lot of horror novels have social commentary.

I am not at all shocked that I have read only one thriller. I have accepted the fact that it is not a genre for me! I love hearing about thrillers and being spoiled for twists, but I just do enjoy the experience of reading them. There are a few exceptions, but the genre tends to have more misses than hits for me.

The fact that I have read no literary fiction novels or nonfiction books this year makes me so sad. I need to do something about that!


I am definitely a lover of audiobooks! They make mundane chores so much more enjoyable and I suspect I will be listening to even more audiobooks as the weather gets nicer and I go on more walks.

I have read seven ebooks so far this year, which is a lot for me! That is probably more than the last two years combined. I have really embraced my kindle recently and I discovered I love reading on it in the dark before bed. I find myself choosing ebooks over physical books at night, which is odd for me.

I am not surprised that I have read only 12 physical books so far this year. I tend to gravitate more toward physical reading during the summer!

Listening to an audiobook while following along physically is probably my favourite way to read but I don’t get to do it as much as I would like! I think it is mostly an access thing because it means I have to own/have access to both editions.


Middle Grade0
New Adult0

I cannot believe I have only read three YA novels so far this year! I read 37 in 2022, so I am definitely not on track to read that many again this year. There are a lot of YA novels on my radar, I have just been neglecting them. Hopefully, I will pick them up soon because I still do love YA.

Type of Publication

Self Published8

This is not a stat I used to pay attention to, but it is something I am now interested in. I have noticed I am becoming more and more drawn to self-published books. Obviously, the majority of the books I read are traditionally published, but I have so many self-published/indie books on my TBR, so I am hoping to get that number up soon.

Books Read From

Book Box2
Kindle Unlimited6
Libro . fm5

The fact that I have read only two books from Audible this year tells me I should probably cancel my subscription. I used Audible as a last resort, but there are some books on there that you can’t listen to anywhere else so that is why I haven’t ditched it entirely.

I thought I had read more than two books from book boxes this year, but I realized that I have actually DNFed a couple.

I am starting to use my KU subscription more and more as I am falling in love with my Kindle.

I wish I had read more of my owned books. The fact that out of the 48 books I have read so far this year, only 15 of them are from my physical TBR is not great.

Scribd has always been my go-to app for audiobooks, so the fact that I have listened to twelve books on Scribd doesn’t surprise me at all.

Publication Year


I am not sure what these stats tell you other than the fact that I don’t read a ton of deep backlist books or classics! I talk about new releases quite a bit, so I try to read them when I can, so that stat is no surprise.


I have nine five-star reads so far this year and I am thrilled! I think I am reading another five-star as we speak. You won’t see a lot of one or two stars from me because I tend to dnf those and not talk about them. I really should get better about tracking them! It is no surprise that I gave thirteen books four-stars because that is typical for me.


I am not sure what this stat really tells me but it is interesting nonetheless! Look how many Tor titles I have read! I just love Tor and that is my main takeaway from this.

Series I Have Complete/ Caught Up On

Before the Coffee Gets Cold was the first book I read in 2023 and I ended up marathoning the entire series! I adored these collections of interconnected short stories and I am eagerly awaiting the fourth book to be translated into English.

Mead Mishaps has become my favourite fantasy romance series. It is so ridiculous and delightful!

I finally caught up on Murderbot this year and that entire series just brings me so much joy. The first full length novel, The Network Effect, is probably my favourite in the series.

Winter’s Orbit has been on my tbr for years and I am thrilled to say I adored it and read the sequel ASAP! While I preferred book one, both were amazing.

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet has been one of my favourite books for years but I never continued on with the series. I am so happy to say that I finally finished the Wayfarer series and it has remained a favourite.

I didn’t realize that there was a prequel to Into the Drowning Deep but I am so happy that a commenter brought it to my attention because I think reading Rolling in the Deep first helped me to appreciate Into the Drowning Deep even more!

Best Books of the Quarter

I have read a lot of great books so far in 2023, but these are the five that have stayed with me! Seven Days in June and Reel are among my favourite romances of all time. Weyward is everything I love about historical fantasy and witchy stories. Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries is so amazing I have read it twice this year. And, finally, A House With Good Bones is my new favourite horror novel by T. Kingfisher.

What is the best book you have read so far this year?

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  1. I love how organized your posts are! I haven’t even had time to work on a quarterly update yet this month 🙁 I love the idea of using a tracker meant for this, it looks really helpful!

  2. You’re fortunate to have so many 5 star reads s far! I have many 4 and 4.5 but 5 star has been elusive. The one that comes the closest to best of the year so far is West With Giraffes for its uniqueness.

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