Covers with Animals On Them

I am someone who is drawn to book covers that have animals on them! I tried to stay away from books with cats on the cover because I have shared books like that many times because they are my favourite and I collect them. Five of these I have read and loved and five are on my TBR!

A lot of T. Kingfisher’s books have animals on them because she loves a good animal companion, but I had to go with the armadillo on Minor Mage because it is the most unique!

Part of Your World is one of my favourite romances and that little goat on the cover adds to the charm!

Crows are a common theme in witchy stories, so having one on the cover of Weyward is perfect. I love everything about this cover!

The dog in The Spare Man is actually a service dog and I loved him!

The parrot plays a large role in Still Life, which just happens to be the best book I read in 2023!

It was the bird on the cover of Leviathan’s Song that first caught my eye!

Pod has been longlisted for the Women’s Prize and it is told from the perspective of a dolphin!

Corgis seems to be a trend on romance book covers and I am so here for it! How cute is that corgi on Fake Dates and Mooncakes?

There are so many adorable animals on the cover of The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen. Look at that adorable fox!

The deer on the cover of Godkiller is just so regal and I think this is one of my favourite covers of the year!

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