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I am co-hosting the Reindeer Readathon this year (Go Team Stocking!) and you can click here to get all of the details. I have been thinking about my TBR for weeks now, and it is subject to change, but I am excited about it. I tried to get as many holiday romances on here as I could!

I am so excited that this is finally happening! The Jasmine Throne was one of my favourite books of last year and I am kicking myself for not reading The Oleander Sword the minute it came out. This technically isn’t the last book in a series, but it does mean that I will be caught up with the series, so I think that counts. I also read a few chapters back in August, so it works as a book I started and put down. It also works for the Christmas Star bonus because it is over 500 pages.

I would say that the “Santa” in Talk Santa to Me is cursive and elegant! I bought this book on a whim because the cover was too adorable. It is a YA romance that really leans into the Christmas vibes, which is something I can get behind!

This could not have worked out better! I am reading A Touch of Light as it is one of the SPFBO finalists and the cover absolutely screams fall, which is my favourite season.

A Merry Little Meet Cute seems to be the holiday romance of the year, which makes me nervous because I have historically not loved those. For example, In a Holidaze, One Day in December, and The Holiday Swap were all misses for me. The premise of this one does really sound good though and I am crossing my fingers that I love it!

I saw this prompt and I instantly knew which book I would choose! After loving The Daughter of the Moon Goddess, I have been anxiously awaiting to release of Heart of the Sun Warrior. I was tempted to drop everything and read it the minute it came out but decided to wait for the readathon.

Forced proximity is one of my favourite tropes and it is even better when the characters are snowed in somewhere. That is exactly what happens in How to Excavate a Heart, so it is the perfect book for this prompt.

Small Miracles is another SPFBO finalist and this cover is just so boring! It is not awful, but I am definitely not a fan of it. Though, I do think I am going to love this book.

I rolled a seven and I actually struggled with this prompt until I realized that my edition of Just Like Magic ends on page 337! That is perfect because this was a book I didn’t think I would be able to fit on my official TBR.

Christmas Baggage is part of the Christmas Escape series. All of the books in this series are written by different authors and they all came out this year. They are also available on Kindle Unlimited, so I would love to read a few of them if possible.

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