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I have seen a lot of Kindle Unlimited TBRs lately and I love watching them! This is the time of year that I tend to use my Kindle the most and a lot of that is because of Holiday romances. I also think that a lot of people think KU is just romance and I wanted to show you that, while there is an excellent selection of romance available, there are other genres available as well.

I have four holiday-related books checked out right now, but I know I will grow as we get closer to December. Christmas Baggage is part of the Christmas Espace series, which is a series of holiday romances all written by different authors. They are all written by different authors and can be read out of order, so it is worth looking at them to see if one jumps out to you!

My Knight Before Christmas has three of my favourite things- it’s set around Christmas, is a foodie romance, and has a punny title! The sequel to this is also out, so I can check that out next if I love this first installment.

This has been the year that I really embraced my love for cozy mysteries and I have discovered that I especially love them around Christmas time. I guess that makes sense because I just want to be cozy this time of year. Christmas Corpse is the first book in the series and each of the books has a fantastic rating. It is set in a town called Candy Cane Hollow!

You have probably seen Lovelight Farms around because I feel like this cover went viral! I love any book or movie set on a Christmas tree farm, so I cannot tell you how excited I am to read this.

I meant to read Black Witch Magic in October but didn’t have time for it! I decided to keep it in my library because it does sound like something I will love and who says you can’t read a witchy romance in December?

I want to try to make time for Love Beyond Body, Space & Time this month, even though my November TBR is a mile long. This just sounds amazing and I am in the mood for some SciFi.

I added Something Fabulous to my TBR simply because it is written by Alexis Hall. I want to get through his entire backlist!

I was so excited to see that Keeper of Enchanted Rooms was on Kindle Unlimited, especially since it is a new release I was really excited to read. It has a sentient house and seems whimsical, so I think it might be a good one to read in December.

I added The Raven Spell to my KU library based on the cover alone. Something about it calls to me. That is the beauty of Kindle Unlimited- I can try things I never would have picked up otherwise and if they don’t work for me it is fine because I haven’t invested anything into it.

I was so surprised to find that all of Margaret Rogerson’s books are on Kindle Unlimited! I have been wanting to read something by her for ages. I think I will start with An Enchantment of Ravens because the cover is gorgeous and the premise calls to me.

I definitely added Cleaver’s Edge to my TBR because I was looking for something similar to Legends and Lattes. This one definitely has potential, so I will keep you posted.

I know nothing about Athena’s Child other than that it is a Greek myth retelling and that is all I need to know!

Jennifer Hillier is a thriller author I have been intrigued by and was excited to learn her books are on Kindle Unlimited. The Butcher is the one I have been recommended, but I will definitely add more of her work to my list if I enjoyed this one!

I meant to read The Haunting of Ashburn House for Gothtober but I didn’t get to it! It is still a book I am interested in because I love sentient houses and have heard amazing things about Darcy Coates. This author seems to be having a moment right now and I wonder if part of that is because her books are accessible through KU.

John Marrs is one of my thriller authors and I was thrilled to see that his newest release, Keep It in the Family, was available. I have heard amazing things so far!

I have been recommended Victoria Lee many times and have a feeling I will love her work! I have decided to start with The Fever King!

Zoraida Cordova wrote one of my favourite books of last year, The Inheritance of Orquidea Divina (which is also on KU), and I have been wanting to read more from her ever since. Labyrinth Lost sounds like a good one to try!

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  1. I read loads of Kindle Unlimited books earlier this year, I haven’t got a subscription right now but I will pick it up again soon. Also I don’t want to sound spammy, but seeing that you like thrillers, I’ve just released my latest one, They Lie Here, which can be found on KU.

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