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There are so many amazing and well throughout readathons happening in October that I was so overwhelmed and almost decided to not participate in any! I realized that was silly, so I went with my gut and settled on Gothtober, for many reasons. I adore Olivia from Olivia’s Catastrophe, who is one of the hosts, and there is a game that you have to play to get the prompts for your TBR. I cannot imagine how much work went into creating this. Click here to play the games and get your prompts:

My Prompts

Read a Gothic Mood Read Book

I was kindly sent an ARC of The Ghost Woods and it is too perfect for this prompt. C.J. Cooke wrote The Lighthouse Witches, which was one of my favourite books of last year. No one writes atmosphere quite like C.J. Cooke does, and I am excited to see what she does with this house set in the woods.

Read a Book with Backstabbing or Betrayal as a Key Theme

I want to read a few vampire novels this October, so when I saw this prompt, The Lost Girls instantly came to mind! It is said to be a sapphic John Tucker Must Die-type novel with vampires. Perfection!

Read a Beautiful Book

I wanted to read Her Majesty’s Royal Coven soon anyway, so I am thrilled that I could fit it into my Gothtober TBR! I have this stunning Fairyloot edition that is bright and obnoxious and I adore it.

Read a Book By a BIPOC Author

I know I am going to need some romance to break up the spookier stuff on my TBR, so I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally read Seven Days in June. This has been recommended to me so many times because the main character suffers from migraines, as do I! I know that this is a lot of readers’ favourite romance, and I want to experience that too!

Read an LGBTQ Book

It is finally happening! I have been saving A Dowry of Blood all year to read it in October! I don’t think I have seen a single bad review of this book. I love that we are following Dracula’s brides and getting their perspective.

Read a Book with a Sentient House

This was a hard prompt for me because I love a good sentient house and I have read a lot of the books that I found on recommendation lists for books like this. That is why I was excited to find that The Haunting of Ashburn House fits this prompt. I have heard incredible things about Darcy Coates and a lot of her books are on Kindle Unlimited!

Read a Book with a Murder Mystery

The Spare Man comes out in October and is a murder mystery set on a spaceship travelling from Mars to the moon. How fun does that sound!?

Read a Heavy Book

I am not sure if this prompt meant “heavy” as in weight or “heavy” in terms of content, so I went with Babel because it works for both! I will be buddy reading this one with some fellow bloggers throughout October and I cannot wait!

Read a Book with Multiple Survivors

I made an educated guess in assuming that there are multiple survivors in Clown in a Cornfield! Clowns are my biggest fear, so I am nervous about this one!

Are you participating in any readathons in October?

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  1. Sounds like fun! I’m not participating in any (monthly) readathons in October, but I just finished up the Mythothon in September and I’m planning for ClearUrSht in November-December, so I think my readathon calendar is still pretty full. 😉

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